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woensdag 4 augustus 2010

Not my lash glue!!

Yesterday I was trying out some new make up stuff that I bought. I've bought a Shiseido color stick Champagne Flush, it's such a nice licht pink color. I love love looove it!! But when I was finnished and want to put my lashes on my freaking lash glue was empty, I tryed to get some glue out with a needle but is was only enough for half a lash. So there I was all happy with my make up that I bought but with an empty bottle of lash glue.

But every story has a good side I guess. I asked my boyfriend to seach on the internet for lash glue. It was not so hard to find one but the one he found was almost 10 euro, I tough that was a good price but I wanted to look myself on the internet and find lash glue, new lashes and a hawaiian necklace for 16 euro including the shipping costs. So I order it immediately

Hopefully I'll get it realy soon, because I miss my lashes

Have a great day today,
hugs Kat

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