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donderdag 5 augustus 2010

Sale shopping

A couple of weeks ago I wen't to Eindhoven for some serieuse shopping. It was SALE sale SALE there is one thing that I can't resist and that SALE. I love sale shopping. You can find everything that you like for half the price. Who doens't like that?!
It's sad but I don't go that often to Eindhoven it's like almost 2 hours from where I live. But they have such a great shopping mall which I realy love. But come on there is also Amsterdam which is only half an hour but you can better take to train for your shopping trip to Amsterdam. It saves you a lot of money so that you have more to spend on some nice things.

In Eindhoven I bought some new shoes, t-shirts and a vest and last week I bought in my home town another pair of great shoes and a furry handbag. I think I have a shoe obsession
On to the pics of my Eindhoven shopping trip!

2 T-shirts from Kiss Therapy

Seven Sisters Army gardigan

Etnies shoes

My home town shoppin trip goodies
Furry handbag
Graceland boots
That's all for today, have a nice day!
hugs Kat

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