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zaterdag 4 september 2010

Dancing and a diet

A couple of days ago I downloaded a parapara dvd from the Shebooya communitie. Which is realy awesome!!!! I love it there. But I've downloaded it and flipped the whole dvd with a program on my pc, so that I can learn all the routines
But I have also some other dances that I would like to learn. Like Ike Ike from Hinoi Team, man I love that song
It's full of happyness and fun to dance on. But for now I need to practice, practice and practice.

The other thing I would like tell you all is that I'm going on a diet again. It's not a crash diet where you lose 2 kilo's a week but a more balanced diet where you lose about 1 kilo a week if you are a really unhealthy person. I've decided that I will follow the Sonja Bakker diet again, that diet has helped me before with losing weihgt and I hope that it will help me again.
This diet is not the only thing that I'm goin to do. I want to start with some jogging to so wich me luck. In my schooltime I hated running, actually I hated everything what we did there
But if I want to lose the extra weihgt I need to do something.

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