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dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

And there goes my other wisdomtooth

Yesterday I went to the hospital for my second tooth operation
The first time I went to this surgeon it was like my worst nightmare. And I can tell you one thing I hate nightmares! For this operation I went to the local drugstore for some medication to help me calm down a bit. I needed to tell the lady in the store about the operation so she can give me the right pills. When I was telling about the hospital my face whent all white and my stomach was turing upside down
I took those pills for 3 days before I went to the hospital and hoping it will all be ok afterall.

Moday morning, it was 08.15 AM and the alarm went off. It was operation day *run as fast as you can!!!!!* My boyfriend needed to go with me because his wisdomtooth was also taking out that day. We wen't together to the hospital, I was all shaky and full of nerves. OOh men I was my turn to go inside. The assistant was telling me that I needed to breath slowly so I don't pass out in that chair! I was like pass out? OH MY GOD
The operation whent well, I din't pass out and was only very shaky during the operation.

When I was sitting in the waiting room after the operation I started to reed my book that I had in my handbag. I needed to waith for my boyfriend to go home. The surgeon was so nice that he gived me a cooling bag for my face, it helps for the swelling he said. So I needed to put the cooling bag on my face for some time. Man that thing was cold but very good against the up comming pain.
I also have a before and after pic, these are not my best pictures but it gives you an idea

And after! I feel like a bit like Quasimodo at this moment.

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