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zondag 24 oktober 2010

Little bit sick but still going on

I don't know if you guys know that I have a doll commission shop named Poppy Bud Creations?! But this little commission shop is doing some big business. I'm painting BJD dolls for customers, they are sending me the part of the doll that they want to have painted and I'm painting it for them. Thats easy há

At this moment I have a commission of some Glot hooves, I need to finnish them this week so the hooves can be send back to the owner. But there is a whole doll on his way to me this has never happend to me before. Someone want's the whole doll painted and moddified by me. A woman that lives in the Netherlands. This is so unreal and at the same time so freaking cool!

The only sad thing that comes with this story is that I'm a little bit sick. My head hurts so much, and I'm sneezing the whole time. You get tired of sneezing the whole day, you know that?
While I'm sick I still need to work on those commissions. I'm filling my day with drinking hot lemondrink with painkillers in it and some doll painting work. It's hard but the show must go on
Loves Kathleen xxx

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