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dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

To much for a title xD

Its bin a while since I posted an update. There is noting special happened in the time I didn’t post tough. But I thought it would be nice to give you al an update.

My boyfriend’s birthday was on the 18th of September, we went to my parents to spend the weekend there in Belgium. Since we live in the Netherlands, it was like a little holiday for us. When we got there they had a surprise for him! We went to the All American Weekend, which is an event in Belgium once a year with American Old timers. I saw there my dream car

In august was Castlefest which is a Celtic - fantasy event here in the Netherlands. The day that we went was a really rainy day, which makes it not that special anymore. The things that makes Castlefest the best event of the year are all the dancing people that are full of joy and happiness. There are always laughing but this time most of the people are a little down because of the bad weather. We didn’t stay to watch Omnia because it as was so cold that we decided to go home much earlier than supposed. But afterall we had a great day.
I had some great reactions on how I looked that day. I was the most sunny and joyfull person that day I think, everyone was dressed in gothic like clothes or some other fantasy style. I was walking trouhg the fantasy market when someone asked me if I was Witte? I was like euhm... Yes! That's me *Grin*. The girl who asked me was Reiko from the dutch gyrau communitie. It was nice to see someone of the gyaru communitie on a Fantasy event like Castlefest. At Castlefest I didn't buy that much, only a very collorfull vest and a brown red wig! It's my first wig ever and I'n in love with it
I think that's it for now! Mayby I'll post something about yesterday later this day. It was a very painfull day at the hospital
See you soon!

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