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zondag 14 november 2010

I look like a blond Annie

Yesterday I went to the Kreadoe in Utrecht. It was a huge event for crafters, I bought so much stuff that I coudn't cary my bag anymore. So my boyfriend was caring my bag all the time. On friday I went to the city for some shopping, yes I know I shop alot when I have the money for it It was a long shopping trip in the city but I bought some new clothes that I could wear the day after for the Kreadoe.

At the H&M I found the bleu shirt that I'm wearing and the sailer like vest is from Vero Moda. I'm very happy with it, it looks very stylish but also very casual.

The curls in my hair are not permanent *thank god*, I like the way it looks but not for all the time. I love my straight, always flat and without any curls or volume hair I can do whatever I want with it and it looks great. Ok not all the time but most of the time it looks great

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