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woensdag 30 maart 2011

Up to my beauty standards?

Biotherm - Aquasource 3-Step Skincare Essentials
In this weeks Up to my beauty standards I want to talk about the Biotherm Aquasource 3-step for normal skin. I've got this sample from the Ici Paris store in Belgium.
In this 3-step process you get a Hydra-mineral cleanser which is a toning mouse, Hydra-mineral lotion - Toning water and a Gel Moisturizer. The toning mouse is very nice in use, the smoothness was so nice and you can feel that it cleans your face pretty good. My skin was soft and clean, the only thing I din't like was the after effect that I got when I used it. I know I've got a sensitive skin so my skin went a bit red. Not as much as I have with some other products but still it was red. After cleaning my face with the toning mouse, I went to step 2 of the 3-step process the toning water. It contains alcohol and that was really noticeable in my opinion, because of the alcohol in this toning water product my face was on fire! I din't expect that from this product but I guess you can't trust on a brand name only. I must say when the redness disappeared my skin was more even in color. So in my opinion that was the good thing of this step. The last step is the gel moisturizer, this is one I really love. The gel itself is smooth and refreshing which gave me a happy feeling. It cooled my skin down a bit after the toning water. This gell gives a soft finish, after a whole day my skin stil felt soft and din't get very oily which is pretty good. All by all this 3-step program is not going to be in my beauty bag, that's for sure. But if you got a less sensitive skin I would difinitely recomend it.

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