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zondag 3 april 2011

Shopping on a budget

Yesterday I went to the Kruitvat to buy a new gosh cover stick. Since I lost my other one I needed a new one. Yes you read it correctly I lost it, and it's still lost. I looked everywhere, at my place, in all my travel bags and even at my parents home. I can't find my love. But when we where at the Kruitvat I saw that they have a sale on make up supplies for some of the brands that they are selling. You can get to 35% of the price when you buy 3 products of the listed brands. There is one thing that you don't need to learn me and that is: Buy 3 products for a cheeper price than only one for a lower price. It's a bit strange I geuss when you only need 1 product and you will buy 3 to get the 35% of the price, but that's my logic I think xD Since they had a sale on the make up suplies I bought a new gosh cover stick wich I needed, a gosh make up primer and a lovely rimmel londen pink blush. I absolutely love love love this blush <3 What do you think of my shopping logic? And what is your ultimate shopping logic?

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