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donderdag 16 juni 2011

30 Day Lolita Challange day 3

A new day for the 30 Day lolita Challange. I'm so happy about this, I have now stuff where I can write about. Most of the time I'm thinking of this is going to be on my blog but I forget it always... Maybe that should be on my newyear list of 2012

But for now... The challange of today is

~10 things you hate in lolita ~

I'm very creative but I don't like it when I'm making photos in lolita where you need to be on the ground. Or when you are painting something.

I don't like the Loli-Secret posts that are un-friendly. I know that this communitie is made for making secret posts. Everyone can tell something rude with no hard feeling, but only the persons with there heart on the right spot will have the guts to post something nice about the girls that are not following the the perfect lolita standards.

Going outside in Lolita when it's freezing. I know you have a lot of layers and that it should be warm but I'm always having cold

Going outside in lolita when it's extremly hot. Yeh I know, the fact before this one tells you I hate it when it's freezing but I don't like it either when it's so hot outside. Then you have to many layers and thats not good for in my opinion.

Socks that doesn't stay on there place

Dirty places, nothing is worse then dirty places when your wearing lolita. Most of the time you don't even now that it's going to be that dirty.

The mornings on the day that I wear lolita. Since I always want it to be perfect looking and when it doesn't look the way that I want it I'm very disappointed and depressed.

Fake nails falling off when your on a event, mayby I don't have the right glue tough.

Rainy days, it makes your hair flat!

99% of all the clothing is to small for me. I think this is the biggest thing I hate about it.

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