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maandag 8 augustus 2011

Crafty saturday's

Last saterday was Castlefest, which is an amazing event in the netherlands Sadly the weather wasn't that good at some times of the day so we wen't home a bit urlier than planned. Ans we missed the performance of Omnia again, this is the second year that I don't see them

But afterall I had a great great great weekend
I even bought some crafty things, which is not so unusual for me since I love crafting with everthing I can find but buying something on a fantasy event for crafting is not that logical.

There was a stand at CF which was selling konad supplies!!! You know KONAD, like konad konad, the official nail art thing konad OMG I didn't know what to say when I saw it. That's how happy I was
So I was standing at the stand and looking to all the stuff they where selling and the lady asked me if I knew the concept of it. Hell yeah I know the concept of it
There at CF I bought my first Konad starters kit.

I'm so happy with it! Now I can collect the stamping plates and the special nail pollishes of them. Love love love it

There was like allways a leather stand, they where selling nice pieces of leather for only 10 euro. Since I needed some leather the pants and jacket for Rekiora *my BJD* I bought a nice black and brown one. This week I need no make bouth, because I'm going to a BJD meeting in Antwerpen. And my little big boy needs to come with me, this is going to be his first meetup. Aaaah they grow up so fast xD

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