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dinsdag 17 januari 2012

Monday shopping + outfit

Yesterday I had a day off from work so after I was finnished with decorating the restaurant of my sis, I went to the local drugstore to buy some new stuff for my beautycase 

At the beginning of January I went to Antwerp for some serieus shopping! It was the first week of the sale here in Belgium. Every year we go to Antwerp for the sale in January. It's so much fun to go with so much lady's, I think this year our group was about 16 lady's in total. We always take the first train and go home with the last one 

Since I'm planning to change my wardrobe a bit I needed a lot of clothes! After a whole day of shopping I was pretty poor but I had tons of new stuff which makes me always so happy
The coörd from yesterday is all bought in Antwerp.

Outfit rundown:
Sjawl: River Island
Vest: H&M
T-Shirt: C&A
Pants: River Island

Maybe you can allready geuss it, but I love shopping
This time a rather small budget for me so I only bought 2 new round hair brushes, and 2 pair of new lashes.
Those lashes where only 3 euro each so I had to buy them.

I also wanted to share you my current lash collection. I know it's a small collection but since I don't wear them everyday and only on event's or meet-ups. I don't need that much lashes, I only got 2 eyes 

Top: NYC glamour
Middle: Marlliss with grimas lashes sticked together
Bottem: NYC Glamour

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