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zondag 22 januari 2012

Online communities, are they good or bad

So online communities, do I need to love or hate them. I just don't know anymore, they are great for getting in contact with people or just to find some information. But when your new to one it feels pretty odd sometimes. Also when your a senior member it doesn't have the same yay factor when you visit the communitie again.

I'm a member on many different communities and every single one of them doesn't get me exited about the topics that they have. Only at the ATC communitie it's still pretty fun but there you need to work to get in contact with the persons you want to trade with. That place is all about art and nothing more. No bashing about bad art pieces or twenty times the same question. Personaly I think that the communities these days are more about being popular or talking along with the whole group but not speaking for yourself.

At the lolita communities I felt like the outsider even though I wear the clothes and feel pretty "lolita" in it. It doesn't attract me to the communitie. When I first joined them I was pretty happy that I was a member of the communitie. But back then it wasn't about being the pretty girl or to have that awesome dream dress or even trying to get noticed. Only getting in contact with everyone and go to the meetings was one of the biggest things!

It is weird that the meetings these days are so different than before, and this makes me so sad. Maybe it's because of the new people out there that don't like the concept of it. Or maybe it's because the old gang is getting out of the scene or that you don't want to go to them without knowing other people in real life.

Also the bjd communities are changed in my opinion, it's these days a place to show of your doll. And getting populair so you get the most comments at your posts. People are getting stressed out when they don't get those results. In the old times it was getting to know eachother and talk about the thing you love. It was fun when you could post you picture just for fun and not thinking about those comments.

Maybe you got the feeling that I don't feel statisfied with the responce I get from other people but that's not the thing. I just miss the old times and don't find the current communities that great. Just because of the popularity crisies these days. Everywhere are so many great people but nobody gets in contact with them in real life.

It's a sad thing but unfortunately it's reality!

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