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maandag 20 februari 2012

Back to Holland, oh my god! + outfit

Last weekend, we went back to our old town so we could visit Andy for his birthday. That little one is allready 5 years old, he is growing so fast!!! First I was pleased when we arrived but when we got inside the city streets I felt a bit WHAAAAAAAAAA, how is it possible that I liked it here   
After those 2 hours while visiting them and some shopping. I was so happy that we didn't need to stay there!
I never have thought that I would miss our current city so much, even after one day, but everything was so stressfull!
But afterall I was verry happy with our visit since the last time that we saw them was in september '11.

We also went to the Ikea in Eindhoven, that place is BIG, and there restaurant is HUGE!!!! OMG, that was insane xD
At the Ikea we looked at some furniture and got some inspiration for our new home. Since we're going to move! (Again, but this time it the last one! I prommise  )

I also took a snapshot of my outfit that day 

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