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maandag 13 februari 2012

New goals + outfit post

Yesterday I was watching the "I used to be FAT" marathon on MTV which really opened my eyes. I was allready motivited by Rox and started with daily exercises like crunches, robe skipping and dancing with the Just dance 3 game. But after one week I stopped with everything -_-" I even don't know why I stopped with it because it was so much fun to do these things on a daily base. I guess my motivation was allready gone so fast since I don't have a clear goal that I can relate to when I don't feel like doing this healty stuff.

But that's going to change for shure, I really want to get some dream dresses in the future. Allthough I don't going to wear them on a daily base since I do have a life besides this blog and the internet. And I also really really want to fit in a size 36/38 jeans, that is my ultimate dream for about 2 years now. So it's going te be time that I make this dream reality don't you think.

I just need to stop eating to much of the "bad" stuff and start by eating more veggies and fruits. It's all so weird since I just love eating fruits and veggies but after a day of work I don't feel like cooking them so I go for the quick and easy stuff like pasta's, rice, chili con carne or pan baked potatos. Everything is freshly cooked though, with healthy veggies and low fat. I just can't go to a shop for a microwave meal or something else that is allready prepared because I have a milk allergy, please know that this is not the same as a lactose intolerance. Everyday I cook my diner on a healthy way with olive oil and veggies but eventhough I do all these things I just eat more of the rice and pasta's with meat than the yummie veggies.

I know it's just a matter of changing my mind and do it but it's hard to get rid of the old and bad habits.
Today I'm going to make a difference! And start my new way of life, no more sugar or salty food, less meat and carbs so there is going to be room left for the veggies and fruit. A couple of days ago I made my own muesli and it tastes better than the stuff you get in the stores!! This afternoom I'm planning to go to Bel&Bo which is a low budget store here in my city where I want to buy a pair of jeans in a size 36/38! Eventhough I don't fit in them it will remind me of my goal! Just like in the "I used to be FAT" marathon on MTV yesterday. Only I'm not going to work out for 4 hours a day to reach my goal, that is just insane!!!

Allright and know on to the less dramatic part of this blog post xD
My outfit of the day!!!!

The skirt I'm wearing today is about 4 years old and this will be about the tenth time I'm actualy wear it. Isn't that sad? I think it is -_-
I really like how it all turned out, it's really weird to see mee in this coord I think. All the pieces of this coord are from before I came into the Lolita styles except for the wig xD

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  1. Once you get used to eating more healthier it will become more easy to hold on to it. Good luck!

    And nice outfit, the red wig really stands out!


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