Pastel raindrops on a sunny day

woensdag 27 juni 2012

\\ White blossoms in summer //

And another outfit post today 
It's almost a month ago since my last post here, I must be verry busy with stuff I guess  probable working to much in the last month.

I needed something that would cheer me up! So why not dressing up I'm always happy when I do things like that.

So here is my outfit of today, it's a simple shiro coord. But I really love it anyway 

The dress that I'm wear in this picture is a Fanplusfriend custom sized jsk, the blouse is from bodyline, sock are modified overknee socks and the shoes are from montreal. Oh and the tiny headbow is offbrand.

I've also made some face shots   Tadaaa, here they are 

Thanks for watching and see you next time, 
I hope that you liked my post for today!

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