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vrijdag 20 juli 2012

Time traveler meme // photo spam

I wanted to see my style/make up progress since the beginning of my gaijin gyaru path.
So I came up with this time traveler meme 
Seeing all my old pics confront me with some of the bad attempts I was making with the make up and clothing style 

But now in 2012 I found my own 2 styles! Since I wear glasses it's really hard to find a nice make up style that suits with my glasses. They make everything smaller, so it looks really weird sometimes 
But after some practice and patience we get what we want. Still need to work on the clothes though, but yeah there is allways something that isn't perfect 

So now it's time for the meme itself....

I also got some extra pics from a few days ago 

So thats it for now, I hope that you liked this post.
See you next time, hugs 

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