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dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

30 day Lolita Challange - Day 11

OMG, it's almost a year ago that I posted a dayly lolita challange post. *shame on me *
But here I am with my excuse xD .... This challange was so hard to do for me, I don't wear Lolita on a daily basis you know. So I had to wait for a meeting to see what my life as a lolita looks like. Since my last meet was back in 2009 and I don't have made pictures of the whole proces I needed to wait and wait and yeah even more waiting.

Last weekend I had a lovely meetup in The Netherlands with the dutch lolita communitie, so this was my change to make some pics!! And this is the result... a new challange post on my blog... yeah party time ... 


~ One day in your lolita life in pictures ~

Where it all begins....
Time to wake up, you sleepy head!'
It's the day of the meeting

I'm so not a morning person  especialy not at 6 am in the morning.
So yeah I'm half sleeping in the bathroom xD

But I'm all waiky waiky when my make up is done  

Ready for the meetup, hair and make up are done 

8:27 am, time to leave our home. Utrecht here we come
We are going to meet everyone at the central station at 11:50 am
we have plenty of time to get there 

Everything that we need for the meet is packed in the car. Let's go!

Killing time in the car, it a long ride to get there you know 
This is what I had in my bag, everything is there. Even my bike key *lol*

Emergency make up kit and pain killers. You'll never know when you need something 

Taking a quick pic when we where at the gas station. I really love taking pics in the car.
Everytime when we go away to an event, I'm making pictures in the car 

Hurray, we're almost there 

Happy dance  where finaly there after our long long ride

Time of arrival, .... 10:23 am
It took us about 2 hrs to get in Utrecht, but we need to take the tram to central station.
So we're not quit there yet 

After our trip with the tram to the station and some waiting we went to a beautifull park in Utrecht.
Allthough it was 32 degrees outside and we where all sweating like hell. I had so much fun meeting all these people. Most of them I've never met before so I was really nervous that they wouldn't like me or so. But they did  Atleast I think they did like me xD

I've got so many compliments on my outfit of that day, it was so nice to hear that they actuly liked my desing of the dress.

Me at the park 

Besides the sweet cookies, there was also room for some healty snacks.
And look this strawberry has a little flower, that so cute 

We were with 23 people ot this meetup, actuly 24, my boyfriend was there to but he took this picture.
But it suposed to be 50 but everyone else woudn't come because of the hot weather.
They didn't wanted to sweat out of there lolita coords I think

After the meet we went with some lolita's to a chinese restaurant for dinner.
The food was really good! And we had so much fun there in the restaurant!

8: 58 pm... It's time to go back home, Fonske is waiting for us

After we picked up Fonske at my parents place it was time to go to bed.
Good night everyone, I had a wonderfull day today

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