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zaterdag 8 september 2012

30 day Lolita Challange - Day 14

A new day, a new challange it will be....
The next challange for me is really hard, since I don't want to own a specific item like the most of you have an ultimate dream dress.
For me it's a bit harder than that...

The next challange is

A picture of your dream item

I don't have one specific item that I want to own, but I have one wish when it comes to lolita items.
My dream is to fit in an Angelic pretty JSK, but at this moment that's almost impossible.
My body is not skinny enough to fit in those dresses 

I know that you can buy replica pieces that are custom sized and such but that's not the same...

So you my dream item will be a closet with at least one AP dress in it

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