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zondag 11 november 2012

♥ Project Ruffle ♥ Classic bustle OP - part 2

A long long long time ago I posted the first part of my sewing project the classic bustle OP. But since I finnished the dress on the night before the lolita picknick meet back in the summer vacation, I totaly forgot about posting the second part of this project 
So everything is all done by now and I only need to make this post to make an official end to this project 

Let's see, where did we ended last time? Ooh, I think I know it where we stoped! The bodice part was finnished right!

Only the skirt of the dress, that should be done in no time don't you think 

Like the other time I didn't make pictures of all the steps but I'll guide you trough the process

Making a cute tunnel of 9 meters long, this is going to be my ruffle on the bottem of the skirt

Eeek! there is a green thing in my craft room, it's really hard work to get it all to the right side.
push and pull and push and pull and push and yeah more to come xD

now it's time to iron the whole thing, I want everything verry smooth

Hello skirt meet your ruffle 

Sew, sew, tuck and fold gently down the line, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily this is how it goes 
And that for 9 freaking meters of fabric    this needs to be damn beautifull after all that work

Since I was making a bustle skirt I needed to make a underskirt as well
I used a beautifull offwhite fabric for that

Sewing a whole lot of lace on the fabric

After sewing all the pieces together I did a final fitting. But I saw that I needed to make an adjustment in in the bodice for a better fitting. So back to the sewing machine I go  

The result of my little adjustment
Everything was done except for the two bows that I wanted on my dress. At this moment is was almost midnight on the day before the actual meetup. But I needed to make these bows for my dress!
I'm so glad that I did this, the only downside was that I was laying in my bed around 1 AM and I needed to get out of my bed at 6 AM 

but OMG, the end result was amazing. Everyone loved my dress so I was really happy and proud of my hard work.
And even my mom and dad said that they liked it 
So it was such a beautifull journey!

See you next time in the next ♥ Project Ruffle ♥

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