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zondag 27 januari 2013

Loving my little angels

Last week my order from Fan plus Friend came in. I ordered it around new years eve, I think it was the 28th of december since they had a sale back then I also ordered something for my boyfriend. It was all custom sized so it took a while to get here. But at the end we needed to wait for about 4 weeks to get it home which is pretty fast I think.

I'm not going to show you the pics of my BF I took, but only the one I took of myself. Yes most of the time I make my own pics xD But when your home alone and you wan't some pics, you get really inventive....

The dress is so beautifull and the print in amazing! I also bought a vest/bolero to go with the dress, since it's officialy a JSK instead of a one piece. I don't have any pics of the dress without the vest, it isn't that pretty if you ask me. But I do have a picture of the dress without the wig that I'm wearing so you can see the dress a bit better.

And random face shots, since I love to make them xD

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  1. aaah die vond ik ook zo mooi! Hoe valt ie mee qua kwaliteit? (riechan van het cupcake forum hier :)

  2. Hi riechan, sorry dat ik je bericht nu pas zie maar ik vind de kwaliteit erg goed. Tot nu toe heb ik nog geen fouten kunnen vinden in de print, ook is de jurk gevoerd in de bodice. Ook het kant wat ze gebruikt hebben is ook erg netjes. Dus overal een erg mooi stuk!
    Het is inderdaad een prachtige print! Ik zat zo te twijfelen of ik ook niet de rode versie zou kopen maar dat vond ik er wat over gaan xD


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