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donderdag 24 januari 2013

Some things will never change....

Every now and then I don't want to blog. And last month was the time of my I-don't-want-to-blog-this-time period. But I did make picture for some blog posts and now that I look back at them I want to share them anyway! It's going to be a post full of pics some outfit shot's and about christmas. Ooh I love chirstmas.

My christmas song of this year was Jona Lewie with Stop the Cavalry 

Beceause I love christms so much I was a bit dissa pointed that I was so late with decorating the tree and our home. It was almost half december!! And even the gifts for everyone where late as well, just a week before christmas thats like a no go for me 
But at the end I was a perfect time and I still have the christmas lights on in the livingroom so it's super cosy 

Therefor I want to show you some pics that I took around christmas...


My home made hot coco on the cold days <3 hmmm...="">

I also got a new pair of gloves, scarf and two news hats since I lost my other one -_-"

This one is with angora wool, it's perfect for winter time!

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