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dinsdag 19 februari 2013

Crafty days with snail mail <3

On my free days I love to do some crafting, allthough I don't think I can draw orso I did made a fresh start in my sketchbook that was collecting dust on my bookshelf. I went to Eindhoven for some shopping since I wanted to get some acryl, oil and aquarell paint, just that I can practice with different materials to find out which one I like the most. So far I can work with oil paint pretty good since I follow classes since september last year.

With my new supplies I wanted to join some new swaps on the ATC forum, I deceided to play in the Textured abstracts and the circus cirsus swap. My abstracts are allready finnished and I've made some sketches for the circus circus swap. It's needs to be finnished befor april so I have some time left before they need to be send out!

Two weeks ago I signed myself up to a postcrossing communitie to sent postcards to random people around the world, but you don't get a card back from the person that will get your card. So everytime when you send 1 card there is someone in the world that will send you one. Such a cute idea! And I really love it.
Today I received my first card from a 25year old boy who lives in the United States, isn't that awesome. Me a girl from belgium getting a card from someone out of the US! Just amazing!

Here are some pics I've made of my sketchbook and the postcard I received from the US. The pics from my ATC cards aren't on my laptop so I can't show them to you. Maybe next time ^_^

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