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dinsdag 26 maart 2013

I bought myself some new clothes!

Eventhough I need to look out with my money I wanted to go out on a window shopping trip. It's not that I don't have any money but we need to buy a new boiler in april and get a whole new gas instalation for it, so that's going to be a huge cost!
I wanted to go to the library for some manga that saw the other time, these are my first manga ever so I'm really looking forward to see if I like it or not. They didn't had many choices but I found Lair Game which seems like a good one and 20th Century Boys, not shure what to expect from that one though. But we'll see, I can rent them for free so that's a big plus.

I'm planning to get more manga in the future but I have no idea which one I should get.... To many to choose from!
Since we where in the city I also wanted to visit some local stores just for fun. The only thing is when I don't plan to buy anything I always find amazing clothes and items. Just like this time xD
So almost in every store that I walked in I found awesome stuff! And even some things that I normaly don't buy. Hooray for me than ^_^

After a long search I finaly found my lacy socks for this summer! They are so hard to find when it's winter. So I was really happy that I found them, I bought a creme pair and a pink one. In an other store I found some printed tights with flowers on them, which I had them a bit earlier, than I could make my outfit from yesterday a lot better xD ohwell, I have plety of time left in this world so it will be for the next time...
And at the C&A I found some super cute sweaters that are perfect for a fairy kei/lolita inspired look. Not that I'm planning to change my look but I just love different kinds of fashion!

Ooooh, and don't forget my super cute schoolbag that I found. It is so super sweet and it's sky blue *squee!* so great for this summer, looking forward to make a coord with this bag <3
Maybe I should just show you the pictures I've made....

Bubuy my sunny sweets,
Kathleen x

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