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maandag 11 maart 2013

There's a gothic in tha house

I felt like dressing up today. Since I have weekend starting from today I wanted to make it a good one!
On Youtube I found some cool music from Versailles and I set me in the mood of doing something darkish. Not that I'm feeling dark and such but just whraa dark on a cute way xD
Versailles is such an amazing band and they weir such beautifull clothes! I've also watched the sew video clip of Omnia today, so freaking amazing! They should make more of them :D

Because I wanted to dress up a bit I though lets make some pictures and show the world what your wearing today.
I love my old Hell Bunny skirt I have it for about 6 years now and it's still my only black skirt that I own, except for the long aristocrat one. It's not a real lolita skirt but who cares! I love it anyway no mather what they say <3
And since I was making outfit shots I also made some new face shots to go with it for a blog post.
This time I wanted to make my photo's outside but is so freaking cold today so I treid 2 photo's and decided that I woudn't liked them but it was so cold that I didn't tried on other shot. But headed back inside again.

Enough of the talk for today on to the pics! I hope that you like them <3
Allthough they are not that fancy....

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