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dinsdag 2 april 2013

Red roses for easter + workout track

I want to keep track of my workout schedule. At this moment I'm at my 6th workout day.
Day 1, This day I did 50 squats easily. It was easy to accoplish this gool so I was verry happy with it!
Day 2, I added 5 squats to the total of day 1, so 55 squats for day 2. But I also started with the 'lets get fit' sport program. Which ment that I needed to do some extra exercises that day. I did 30 squats, lunges, squats with arm drop, bouncing squats, front and side leteral raise with 0,5 kg, bicep curls, tricep kick curls, and also 30 knee stand to plank exercises. And of course some stretching after all that. This day was a really hard one! But I did it which makes me verry happy!
Only the day after was terrible, everything was stiff! I really felt that I did something the day before. But no beauty without pain!
Day 3, 60 squats, since everything was sour, it wasn't that easy to accomplish these 60 squats. I put on my best smile I could fake so make it happen. In the afternoon I went outside with Fonske my Jack Russel to start with my running schedule, a 20 minute workout devided into running and walking. So me and Fonske had a great time outside even it was super cold...
Day 4, I did 65 squats, even if I had a rest day of all exercises I wanted to do something. Because my muscels where still al bit sour and stiff, so sitting down was not a good idea!
Day 5, was a squat free day! Whoohoo, I only went out with fonske for our 20 minute running workout. I really love to be outside with Fonske, he loves to run so he really motivates me to continue with it.
Day 6, which is today! I did 70 squats today, I'm really glad that my muscles arent that stiff anymore. Normaly I needed to go out for a walk but I went to work today and therefore I need to ride my bike for 30 minutes to get there and another 30 to get back home. So I think that I've got my 30 minute walk ^_^
I'm really happy that I found some exercises that I really love to do to gain a healthy lifestyle!

I also want to show you my easter look, really comfy and great for a easter breakfast with the family.

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