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zondag 3 januari 2016

365 days of Lolita⎢week 1, day 1-3

On Januari first I started just like a bunch of other lolita girls with the 365 day lolita challenge. This awesome idea comes from Shannie bee from Lace a la Mode, she wanted to make her own challenge since there was no challenge out that that was fitting to her personal needs.

I'm doing this challenge on a daily basis but I will make one blogpost about it every week on sunday. I didn't want to spam all my challenge stuff along with all the others, I'm doing this for myself and not for anyone else, since I find it quite irritation to see the same tag pictures over and over again on my wall. So sharing it once a week is more than enough for me! But lets get on with the challenges of this week!

So far this week hasn't been a real challenge for me, I didn't knew what to expect so I was super excited when the first prompt came out. It was making a wishlist goal for you wardrobe. I didn't want to make a commitment with myself and saying only buy one dress this year or buy something less or more. Therefore I decided to make some goals that are easy to reach for myself.

This year I want to add a new coat to my wardrobe, I only have one long pink coat which is perfect in wintertime but doesn't suit with all my dresses. So adding a new coat to the collection will be a nice add.
Also this year I want to make at least one TaoBao order, I wanted to make one for may years but the fact that i haven't done this before scares me a bit. A couple of weeks ago I bought my first cut sew style blouse and I love it! It's super cozy and easy to wear on an everyday basis. You look super cute and it's easy to iron as well instead of all those blouses. And last but not least is adding an Innocent World dress to my collection, this brand has so many amazing non printed OP's and cute everyday wear so it's perfect for an everyday outfit.

For the second day I had a bit of trouble since I'm not a gallery fan my options where very limited, our challenge was to look up a list of museums in our area. In my city we do have 2 musea but they aren't the ones that I like to visit as a lolita. I took this day pretty serieus and wanted to find 3 places that where also suitable for lolita meeting locations. In the end I found 3 very different kind of museums that I found very interesting and want to visit in the future. 

First up is Bokrijk, it's located in Genk. This is an open air musea that shows the historical way of living in Belgium. They have 4 different kinds of areas in the park, the Sixties, Haspengouw which shows the village Ulbeek, the actors will take you back to the year 1913 with amazing performances. 
There is also the Kempen, this location shows you the farm life of the northern part of flanders. The cute houses are made from wood and clay and are a true pleasure for the eye. The last part is East and West Flanders, no typical village but characteristic houses filled with regional crafts and arts. 

Alden Biesen is next in line, I love visiting castles and do castle tours. This pretty castle is located in Bilzen. You can have a guided tour inside and outside the castle telling you about it's history. But they also have many activities during the year you can attend. I haven't seen this castle yet so I really want to go one day. 

Last in my list of must seen musea would be Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. It's a musea full of old books and historical letters are my biggest love. I'm a big book lover and I love lettering especially hand lettering. I can spend a whole day in the musea and not getting bored for one minute. Just let me sit on a chair and enjoy the surroundings. If you're not a fan of old books they have and amazing garden as well which is perfect for making photo's. Like the castle above I haven't visited this one either but I'm planning this one in my agenda as well some day. 

As for todays challenge I changed things up a bit, I'm not going to memorize a friends wishlist since a lot of them are pretty long like endlessly long! So I took some of my favorite pieces out of their wishlist so I know where to look for when I'm browsing online. 

One of my dear friends Georgia is looking for one of these beauties. Just like me but I'm looking for the version she already owns. I hope that we both find this dress one day it's the Träumerei of Bright stars.

My dear friend Rosalynn is looking for a dress that I already own. It's the Memorial Cake halter JSK. It's such a nice print and she already owns a Sweet & Tiny necklace to go with it. She is only missing the dress itself. I keep my eyes open for her but at this point she hasn't had the money to buy the dress. It's not a mission impossible to find this dress so I bet she will find is soon enough as she saved up for it. 
And the last one in this list of dresses is going to be one for Saltje. She really want to own Musee du Chocolate, I really wanted to own this dress as well one day but over time I'm starting to dislike it more and more for my own taste and style. Don't get me wrong I still like the dress but not for myself so I took in from my own wishlist in order to make room for an other one. But there is a change if I see in in person one day and with a nice coord it can make a comeback but for now I keep my eyes open for Saltje! 

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