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donderdag 17 augustus 2017

Let's go shopping at Dream Masquerade Carnival! - Vendor overview

In just one week I will be on my way to London to attend this years Tea Party Club event. This is the first time that I attend a TPC event as well my first time in London. So I'm already pumped about my first time in London! Any tips for me on what to see on Friday and Monday?

Since the event of the Tea Party Club has so many vendors I thought it would be nice to prepare myself a bit with a handy dandy overview. So why not share this list with you too?! In total there are 25 vendors! Isn't this insane?! And I even didn't count the remote vendors in this list. Adding those to my total it would be 39, 39 vendors!! Like OMG can you imagine how many money you will need to buy something from all those vendors? If you have a pot of gold or a money tree please let me know, hihi. 

I've divided the vendors based on actual vendor and remote vendors. The guests are also included in this list. Hopefully this list will help you with planning out your shopping day on the first day of the event. I know it will help me a lot with not being super overwhelmed by all the amazing things I will find at the event!

Special Guests
First up is main guest Angelic Pretty, both Maki and Asuka will join us at the main event on Saturday and at the tea party on Sunday. Some of the lucky attendees who where able to buy a Gold ticket will be rewarded with early acces where they can meet both designers. As well enter the games to win a ride with the special guests in a gorgeous carriage through London. 

I'm really excited to meet both of the designers and to shop at their booth! As most of you know Angelic Pretty is known for their sugary sweet collections and is also one of my favourite brands. 

So I think I will spend a lot of money at this booth, though I'm not planning on going home with a dress. I try to keep my shopping spree to accessories only this time. But we will see..

I was a bit sad when Kira Imai was announced as a guest/vendor for Street Fashion Europe - Omnia Vanitas earlier this year. Since I wasn't going to Omnia Vanitas I wasn't able to meet this icon within the lolita art scene. Kira Imai is mostly known for her collaborations with Angelic Pretty and draws the most amazing illustrations for this brand. When I heard that Kira Imai was joining us at Dream Masquerade Carnival I was so excited. As an artist postcard collector this is a dream that comes true, I'm able to buy some of her postcards and let them sign by the artist itself. I do hope that she will bring enough stock with her to survive the first rush of gold ticket holders.

Tripple fortune is a brand that you see at many events but I'm super happy so see that they will be in London too. I really love their bonnets a lot and I kinda like their clothes too. But I'm a bit in doubt if it fits my style and body type. Their designs for dresses are rather long and I think that it will look funky on me. I was initially planning on getting a new bonnet but I canceled this plan so save some money for other things. Getting a new bonnet is a big investment and I don't get much use out of them as I was hoping for. But this doesn't mean I won't take a look at those gorgeous bonnets and dresses and I do need to shop at their booth anyway for a friend. I'm hoping to buy some tights from Tripple Fortune this year so wish me luck.

Both Babi and Kaie will join the event on both days.

While Tripple Fortune is a well know face at European events so is Rose Marie Seoir. I first saw this brand in Paris at La Vie en Rose, ever since she was a guest at all the following Street Fashion Europe events and now at this Tea Party Club event. Every time I want to buy something from Rose Marie Seoir but I end up buying nothing and regretting everything a couple of days after the event has passed. So this year I want to buy something for real, I'm specifically looking for some accessories to go with my new homemade strawberry dress so I hope she has something for me. 

Rose Marie Seoir is a brand that is great for everyday looks, it is cute and has a unique style. It fits more into Larme kei instead of lolita but their designs are so adorable so it doesn't matter for me. 

The last guest in this line up is Kunika, she is a sweets Artists. She was a guest at Enchanted in London a couple of years ago and you where able to buy some of her cookies as well some of her imitation cakes. Personally I'm not super excited to meet Kunika in person but I am looking forward to see her cookie and cake decoration skills in person. It is not completely clear to me if we will be able to buy some of her merchandise but I will definitely take a look at her booth! 

Besides all the shops from the guests these amazing brands are represented too! I'm not going into detail for every brand since there are just to many of them but I will tell what my highlights are.

In this list of vendors I'm mostly looking forward to Fidel David, he is a designer with such an unique style. It reminds me a bit of lolita fashion with historical influences as well some distressing at some points. He works with lots of lace and small details, he doesn't have an actual shop where you can buy his designs but you can always contact him for commissions. I'm mostly looking forward to see his designs on the runway as well to look at them at his booth. 

Peackalorum is also a brand that I want to see, I saw on their webshop a gorgeous feather brooch as well as a tricorn hat. This brand has mostly smaller items like wristcuffs and hair accessories.

Both Shinkurose *top left and Narcissique Coutoure *bottom right are new to me. They both sell clothes as well some accesories. Shinkurose offers clothes in different sizes and have some cute accesories too. If you are a fan of Gothic I would suggest you check out Narcissique Coutoure, they have some amazing things in their online store so be sure to check them out! 

Where to start with this amazing line up of vendors. If I'm completely honest I love them all but I do need to say that I have my eyes on something from Fantastic Grim which is a UK based accessory shop. I already own some things from them but I'm hoping to add one of the book necklaces to my collection. Also TokiMeki is on my shopping list both for myself as well for a friend. I'm not sure if I end up buying something for myself though it need to fit my style cause everything he makes is so adorable. 

Mossbadger and Summer Tales Boutique are shops that I will take a look at and see if I find something that catches my eye. Summer Tales Boutique has released a new blouse that I'm really interested in so I'm looking forward to see this in real life. I'm also hoping to see some new designs on the runway from both brands.

From this little lot I have my eyes on some items from Ma Petit Chouchou, especially their own designed tights. Also their necklaces are gorgeous as well so I will take a look at them too. Ma Petit Chouchou sells their own accessories as well some items from Souffle Song and Cutie Honey so I'm looking forward to see what they will bring. Cherie Cerise is a brand I discovered last year at Under the Sea, I bought a cutsew from them and I really love it. I hope I can buy one of their necklaces that I've seen on their website they are gorgeous!

Both Lady Sloth and Antique Frills are less interesting for me, Lady Sloth has some cute casual dress right now up for sale and I hope I can see them at the event in the runway. While Antique Frills is a totally new brand for me I can't tell you much about it, but what I can tell you is that they will bring lots of clothes and accessories for sale and will participate in the fashion show too.

We are almost at the end of the official vendors that will have a booth at the event. This time I would like to highlight Moss Märchen and Heaven's Atrium. Both are brands that are highly on my shopping list this event. Especially Moss Märchen, this brand makes stunning ribbon embroidery necklaces and I want to add one to my collection. The only downside of this brand is that they rarely have items up on their webshop which makes it really hard to get your hand on these items. Currently Moss Märchen is pre-selling the items that she will bring to the event so the chances are really small that I will be able to buy something from her stall at the event itself. The pre-selling is both a blessing as well as a curse in my eyes, you have a chance of getting your desired item but if you aren't quick enough to claim the item on instagram and pay in the next 30 minutes when you receive the payment details you lost your item. I'm not interested in buying something in a bloodbath on instagram right before the event. If it was ment to be I will be able to grab something from Moss Märchen at the stall. 

The other brand that I'm really excited about is Heaven's Atrium, they are a fairly new brand only one year old and I recently discovered their shop with a giveaway. The reason I am excited for this brand is because they make dresses according to your preferences. You can pick different styles of skirt lengths as well different bodice types for your dress. They will bring all the different types of skirt lengths to the event so we can take a look at it. I'm really looking forward to see their new print which features butterflies! 

After Midnight and My Sweet Sakura are both accessory brands, I'm not particularly interested in both of them but I think they are worth to take a look at at the event and see what they have to offer. The reason why I'm not super interested in them is because it doesn't fit my style that well. 

Last but not least are Dream Holic which is a Taobao wigshop. Currently I own 2 Dream Holic wigs and I'm impressed with the quality, color options and their overall style of wigs. I'm really looking forward to see what they will bring to the event cause if I read it right they will bring items from their new clothing and accessory line which is made in co-operation with Krad Lanrette and other Chinese brands. This is really exciting news! 
Violet Fane is also a shop that I want to visit at the event, not something particular that I want to buy from them but it's always nice to see their items. Maybe I'll grab one of their lovely brooches, I've been eying on them for a while now so maybe it is time to get one. 

I totally forgot about Long Ears and Sharp ears as a vendor, how could I've missed this brand in this list? But how excited is it to see them at the event too? They have such great designs for their dresses and it looks so good in real life. I've seen their designs on the runway before in Berlin at Urban Fairytale. I wasn't planning on getting a dress but maybe I'll end up with one from this lovely brand. They also mentioned that there is going to be a collaboration item for the gold and silver ticket holders so I'm looking forward to see what it's going to be.

The last brand in the vendor list is Sugar Trampoline, this brand is new to me but from what I've seen they sell some lovely accessories and adorable bloomers and aprons. Really suitable for sweet lolita. 

Remote Vendors
The end is near! Only 14 more remote vendors to go. 
Please be aware that if you want to purchase something from the remote vendors you need to pay with paypal. It is not possible to pay with cash! 

The first remote vendors are all Asian brands, Wunderwelt is a secondhand webshop for Lolita fashion. They also have a separate store with the name Wunderwelt Fleur where they sell new items as well. It's definitely worth checking their site out! And I'm sure I will bring this remote vendor a visit cause you never know what dress you might find for a good deal. 

Juliette et Justine and Atelier Pierrot are both brands that I look up to and want to add to my collection as well but it fits in the same corner as Tripple Fortune when it comes to their clothes. First up Juliette et Justine, I love their dresses a lot but they are just to small for me. While Atelier Pierrot fits me fine I'm hesitated about the style. Maybe I just have to take a look at their accessories. 

Baroque is a brand that I only know from the gold glitter shoes and bag that I own but when I looked at their webshop I saw some gorgeous dresses. I hope they will participate in the fashion show!

Look at these awesome remote vendors, My inspiration with their stunning embroidery necklaces, brooches and handbags. I hope I can add one of their necklaces to my collection this year. I've been looking at their designs at every event but I couldn't find the right one so I really hope I have some luck this year. Miss Danger is "famous" for their masquerade mask brooches. Those are truly magical  and if they would go with my style I would definitely buy one! Maybe I can buy one for my husband if he likes them, but he can take a look for himself at the event. 

Madillustration is my nr one brooch shop! Her designs are so adorable and I love the watercolors she uses in her illustrations. I've been following Madillustration for a while now and I love every single thing she makes. For the event she designed an exclusive brooch, I'm still in doubt if I want to try and buy one but it's not really my style so I will see what I will do when we get there. 

Lastly in this block we have Puvithel, this brand is also fairly new to me. Puvithel is an accessory brand,  to be honest I'm not sure if I like them or not. Their necklaces and accessories are looking amazing but are a bit to much for my personal taste. I'm more of a simpel, classy and elegant accessory type of person instead of the eye catching ones. But if you love bling be sure to check them out!

We are almost at the end of our never ending list of vendors but please hang in there. From this list I will bring Vanillas Traumfabrik definitively a visit. As I already know this brand for quite some time I know how much I love their rosettes and necklaces. I've been eyeing on some things from their shop so I hope I can add those to my shopping spree at the event. 
Alchimia is a brand that I discovered when following the announcements on the event page. They have some stunning headpieces on their facebook page so I'm really looking forward to see them in real life! The headpieces they make are fitted for an OTT coord so it's always a bit tricky to buy something without having a coord in mind. Well at least for me that is. 

While we are at the remote vendor booth I will also take a look at Mulberry Chronicles, they are a great brand for everyday coords and make adorable brooches. Their last collection was with cheese and wine, definitely an unique theme! So this brand is going onto my list too. 
The last one in this little list is Fluffy Tori, this brand is not specifically on my list of shops that I need to visit but I will take a look at their items to see if they have something new. This brand is definitely a must see for the sweet girls among us as well as the sporty types because they have some amazing sportswear! 

Both Cotton Candy Feet and Me likes Tea where highly on my list of shops that I wanted to try out in the future. Cotton Candy Feet makes the most amazing shoes in different colors and started to bring out their own bag line as well. While Me likes Tea on the other hand is a petticoat shop, where you can customise your petticoat as your heart desires. They both offered a pick-up service at the event and since I was in need of new shoes and a new petticoat I made some use out of it. So I will let you know what I think about these two shops in the future!

Since we are officially at the of this never ending vendor list of Dream Masquerade Carnival I would like to hear from you what your favourite shops are for this event. Any special guest you would love to meet or a special item you want to hunt down?  

By the way did you know there is going to be a bring and buy too? 
Even more things to choose from!

See you in London!

Lots of love, 
poppy x

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