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vrijdag 22 december 2017

Lolita resolutions

When counting down to the last few days of the year we all start thinking about our new years resolutions. Most people keep them pretty vague or stick with the traditional health and fitness ones. But I don't hear many people outside of the lolita community talk about fashion related resolutions.
Though I still have my own list of resolutions that I want achieve in the new year. Let's see what I came up with for 2018!

Safe up before buying

I'm pretty guilty when it comes to thinking forward and spreading my budget for each month. I know when my credit card bill is due and how much spare room I have when I receive my income after paying the bills and the necessary savings. But by doing so I sometimes got in a bit of troubles when something big needed to be repaired or replaced like a new car or washing machine. Cause I didn't always thought about the customs that you need to pay afterwards... So that is something that I want to see different in 2018, I want to save up for a specific item and in the best case double the amount I need so I don't end with an empty lolita piggy bank. I already saved up lots for events and shopping here and there if I knew about a specific release but somehow you just can't resist a taobao release or second hand deal if you have the money for it.

Giant Moonbunny or Closet Child AP accessory order

I already mentioned my regrets in my last post about buying items from Moonbunny at either events or online but in 2018 I want to save up a decent amount of money to have a giant Moonbunny order. Or if I find more items on Closet Child or Wunderwelt I might switch to an Angelic Pretty accessory order. But I really want to expand my sweet accessories a lot next year. I run into the same problems every single time and that is that I use the same accessories over and over again. And I must say after many years of re-using the same bracelet set and necklaces I want something new. My classic accessory collection has more variety and that is not even my main style. Maybe that is because there are more classic style indie brands out there vending at events instead of sweet ones that fit my taste.

Make more dresses and accessories

This year I'm really proud on my me-made items and I wear them with a lot of pride and joy. I've made gifts for my friends, dresses for myself and I just love the process of making things from scratch. It is not always easy to make your own items or finding the right fabrics in store when you want to make a dress or blouse but the search for the perfect materials is so much fun for me. 
I love browsing through the fabric store and picking one of the many options they might have laying around at that time. Besides making more lolita dresses I also want to expend it into my daily wardrobe as well and make those as well. Still with a little hint of lolita fashion in it or suitable for otome. 

When it comes to accessories, I want to try and make my own more often like I did this year where I made a brooch and flower crown. And helped my dear friend Josine with making her own items as well in a crafty sleepover weekend which was such a great weekend!
But I'm pretty nit picky and most of the time I don't find it good enough or looked the way I was hoping for. Especially when it comes to polymer clay creations. So next year I want to make some more accessories too. 

Make regular content for my Youtube channel and Blog

At the first of Januari I was super excited to post a video on my youtube channel every single week and it went sort of ok at the start but soon it went down hill. My health kicked in and it forced me to put everything on hold. But as motivated as I can be starting again was really difficult cause what if people didn't like the videos I was making or the blogposts I would write. This is a thought that is still on my mind every single time I make a video or write a blogpost. And it keeps me from being 100% motivated every single week to either film a video or write a post on my blog. 
I have a list of topics I want to talk about so inspiration isn't such a problem for me most of the time but the fear of not being good enough is. Damn this is getting deep and personal real quickly. But I do know that I should make the blogposts and videos for the joy I get out of the creating process and that is why I still try to write and film every once in a while. 2018 I want to get over the bump of not feeling good enough for it and just enjoy the process of making videos and blogposts! If there is anything you would want me to make a video about or write a blogpost on please let me know. 

Enjoy the fashion and the community around it

While I'm very lucky to be a part of two communities and have the ability to travel around the globe for attending local events I still want to enjoy my local community a bit more in 2018. Our Belgian Community has hit a deep low the past years but I truly hope that we can change things in the new year. I hosted a meet up and we have 9 attendees. This might sound like a small meeting to some but for our community in Belgium it a huge step in the right direction. Especially when member missed the registration period and where sad that they couldn't attend. I think if we can continue on this wave we can create the community we all are dreaming off for so many years! 

But this doesn't mean I don't want to neglect the Dutch community in any kind of way cause I'm really happy that I can say that I'm one of the moderators of the Dutch community as well. Besides being one of the admins of the Belgian group on Facebook. The Dutch comm has always been very close to my heart cause it was the first comm I ever joined back in 2006-2007. I want to attend as many meetings as I can while helping out on the facebook group or at meetings when they ask me to help. 

Being a part of a community makes enjoying the fashion a lot easier, you make new friends and maybe you end up with best friends for life. I know I've met my closest friends through the fashion and even if someone ends up not wearing the fashion anymore for some kind of reason it doesn't mean we aren't close friends anymore! I love attending meetings, wearing the fashion more OTT and making new friends at those meetings or events. That is just the cherry on top for me. So I want to enjoy it even more next year. 

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5 reacties:

  1. Those are all very good, very sensible goals - fingers crossed you will stick with them!
    And please, definitely more blog/YouTube content! It's a bit selfish, but with Lolita fashion being so niche, every bit of content for us to read/watch/engage in is precious, especially when it is as good as yours (don't let your inner doubts tell you otherwise!). Do it because you enjoy it and we are bound to follow as your joy will shine through.
    You can do it - all of it! ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧

    1. You are so kind to me! Your words mean a lot to me and I will try my best to keep up with everything in the new year. Do you have any resolutions yourself?

    2. I do yes, I actually just scheduled that blog post ^^ But they're very similar to yours: keep a budget for Lolita and curb on impulse buys a little, blog/Youtube more/better, be as active as I can, including internationally, and try to do more instead of buying more.
      (Oh, this sort of reminds me: I have a Lolita friend in Belgium, in Ghent, who I think would love to attend some meetups - if you have any kind of page or way for her to see if/when would be the next Belgian Comm meetup, could you let me know, please? :) )

    3. Looking forward to read all about it!
      We have a lolita community group on facebook which is in English, though we don't have a big community and meetings don't come very often. It's named: Belgian EGL Community. There is one going on right now for Februari but this one is already full :( But they are planning on a new meet for Antwerp which is close to Ghent as well. No date yet but the plan is to visit the Plantin Moretus museum.
      It would be so great to go to a meet together with you and your friend. Maybe I already know her, though I don't know many people that live in Ghent 😅

    4. Thank you so much! I sent her the link now and hopefully she'll make it to some meets :)


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