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dinsdag 6 augustus 2013

Metamorphose temps de fille: New set, reservation!

Metamorphose is going to bring out a new Dress, Cloak and Blouse.
You can make a reservation at their online store starting from 9th of August at 18:30 japanese time.
They will be send out between the end of august and beginning of september.

It's a really classic line and suitable for many people due the color theme that they use for this set.
In my eyes it's a great dress set for fall!

First up is the Gold Braid Tuck Pinafore Dress
The price is 27,090 Yen which is about 207 euro
You can get this beauty in black with a gold braid, in ivory with a gold braid as shown in the picture or in bordeaux with a gold braid.
Sizing: Length = 72 cm ; Bust = 88 ; Waist = 68
These sizes are the smallest but it can go a bit bigger since there is some shirring in the back.

Next one is the Hooded cloak with frilled cape.
It's available in the same colors as the dress so you can easily combine the two together.
The cloak is really handy since you get 2 items in one cloak. You have a cloak with a detachable cape, so both items can be worn separately.
The price is 20,790 yen which is about 160 euro.
Also availible is black, ivory and bordaux with a gold braid.
Sizing: Length = 33,5 cm

Combination of cloak with cape

Cloak only

The cape only

And a nice coord with the dress and cloak, cape combi

The last piece that is up for the reservation is a nice blouse.
Their High Collar Princess Sleeve Blouse is a beautiful classic piece with a frilly touch.
Metamorphose didn't have the original pictures online so I'll show you the design drawing of the blouse.
It comes in the colors black, off white and antique white they are all having antique gold buttons as a nice detail on the blouse.
The price of this blouse is 14,490 yen which is about 111 euro.
Sizing: length = 51 cm + 4,5 cm frill ; Bust = 96 cm ; Waist = 82 cm ; Sleeve length = 59 cm + 3 cm frill ; Shoulder width = 38 cm
This blouse has also shirring in the back so it can also stretch a bit, although I wouldn't recoment it.

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