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donderdag 1 augustus 2013

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright: Reprint contest!

Baby, is going to hop on the big reprint trend train.
Just like Angelic Pretty has Baby some plans on making reprints from popular prints.

The only different thing is that you, the customer can vote for your favorite print! 
Please be aware that their are selected prints, so you can only vote for the selected prints.

Not everyone can vote though, you need to purchase something from their store to able to vote.
All purchases between the 3rd of august starting from 00:00 to the 1st of september till 00:00 are legal for a voting card. 
Your able to vote till the 7th of september, all votes after that are not counting anymore!

The results are announced in November 2013 and the sale will start in February 2014!

Which one would you like to see in a new design?

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