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zaterdag 28 september 2013

Frilly News: Kawaii International Lolita Weekend part 1/3

And where ready to post about the Kawaii International Lolita Weekend in the Netherlands.
I wanted to make this post a lot sooner than this but it just didn't happen.

So lets start with a bit of a background story before we start with the actual review.
The Kawaii International Lolita Weekend was held in The Netherlands in Juli 2013.
Their where 2 famous japanese models at the event as well! Isn't that amazing? Also a big filming crew and lot's of lolita girls.

It all started with an idea, than an event page on facebook and later one a fabulous event that no one will ever forget.

My story starts on the day before the actual event. Since I'm from Belgium we needed to travel a bit before we where in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Also we booked a hotel to stay in Utrecht during that weekend.
We had a great hotel, everything was so pretty, Leyla from Mfashion did a great job on booking the hotel for us. She was responsible for booking the venue's and all the extra things like food for the crew, hotel bookings and side seeing for the international guests.
Allthough we had a little bit of trouble finding the right hotel but with a quick call we found it.

I'm ready for a great weekend! 

The view of our hotel was great, their was a small church in front of our room, so cute! Since we arrived on friday, I wanted to go see the city a bit. Utrecht is such a beautiful place, when you ever visit The Netherlands I really recommend visiting Utrecht. Especially by night, the little streets and little canals between the street are just to cute.

In front of the beautiful Dom church

One of the many canals in the city, aren't they amazing?

The next morning was the beginning of an amazing experience! We where going to meet RinRin and Misako, yeah, those where the 2 famous models.
Our day started so early. As a lolita you have a lot to do before you are finaly ready you know.
I wanted to be ready before breakfast, so I woke up at around 6 in the morning.

It was a big surprice that Leyla also stayed in the hotel just like us, even though she lives close to Utrecht. So we decided to meet up for breakfast. We had a great time that morning, talked a bit over the event and she told me that Misako and RinRin also stayed in the same hotel.
I was really pleased that I was able to talk to them at the breakfast buffet. They where really sweet and so polite. I've never met someone that was so polite like them before.
RinRin - Misako - Me - Leyla at the breakfast buffet

We had the chance to talk to them before everyone else did. But I was so nervous to talk to them that I just smiled like a crazy person.
It was so much fun to teach them dutch words. RinRin and Misako wanted to learn some phrases to use later on that day. We learned them so say good day - good morning - etc but we also learned them to say I love you in dutch. It's so cute when they say it .

After our breakfast it was time to head over to the first location of the event. It was in the Karel V hotel, such a pretty place with 5 stars. Not everyone can say that they went to an 5 star hotel in The Netherlands for an High Tea party.

The first activity was an High Tea with a bingo, interviews, lots of pretty foods and surprices.
But before we entered the actual high tea location we needed to sign in. If you waren't on the list you coudn't enter. So it was really a special party on invitation only.

Even Misako needed to check in! But after her check in she and RinRin went to a special room. Where they needed to wait for the big entrance later that day. Photo by

photo by

photo by

photo by

photo by

While we where waiting we all talked a bit. There where so many new people that I didn't met before so it felt a bit weird. Seeing all those pretty girls was a bit intimidating at first but after a while and seeing a couple of lolita that I already knew was it all better.
Everyone that entered the fashion show needed to take their picture, so while we where waiting some of the girls posed infront of the camera. Unless you wanted to change your outfit you didn't needed to take your picture right away.
photo by

It was time to enter the big tea party room! Everyone was so exciting that they cound't stop smiling.
The room itself was so amazingly beautiful, lot's of gold and chandeliers. Just the perfect location for a tea party. While entering the room we got a glass of bubbles, alcohol free!
We joined together in groups of 6 at one table for the whole tea party. People with special allergy needs had there own table, very smart I think. Since the food was also on a seperate table for allergy free foods.
photo by

photo by

photo by

After a small introduction of all the crew members and an overview of the day it was time to start with the actual high tea. Every table needed to go seperate to that everyone had a chance to choose the sweets that they want. During tea party we had also some time to get our bingo card ready for the bingo. It was a special bingo, not with numbers but with names. Especialy names of people that we didn't knew already, so mine was full of german names.
After a while it was time to welcome the special guests of the day, RinRin and Misako! Everyone stopped eating, that was so cute to see. Both girls looked so pretty, just two perfect lolita girls making their way to the special guest table in the middle of the room.

photo by

photo by

Filling in the bingo cards, photo by

photo by

My plate and bingo card

Misako and RinRin wanted to talk a bit to the group about their favorite places in Japan and a over their room. It was really fun to see how they live in Japan, their rooms are smaller than the most rooms we have, but they make the most out of it with cute decorations and fan art. Misako's room was a true lolita room, with cute boxes and stuffed animals but also very pink!
While they where talking about their live in Japan we all got a small present from them.

Directly from Japan we got Daifuku or mochi which is a japanese type of candy. There where many different types and flavours to choose from. I went for the cute little green mushroom. It was a strawberry flavour, my boyfriend had a whale which was a chocolate one. That one tasted also very jummy!

photo by

After a while it was time for the bingo and meeting time to we could meet Misako and RinRin in person. Everyone was really nervous to ask them any questions but I think they all did a great job!
Even I asked Misako some questions, not in japanese but their was a tolk with her so that was easy.
We also made some pictures with the models before they would go to the other group. 
It was all in a pretty tight schedule and it happend oh so fast. But at the end it was so great to see them in person. At the bingo I didn't won anything which was a bit sad but well I'm not a lucky person than. 
I still had an amazing time during the bingo and the tea party so far.

photo by

photo by

Yeah, all good things end so was the tea party. But the day didn't end here! 
Hang in there for the second part of this amazing event.

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