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zondag 29 september 2013

Frilly News: Kawaii International Lolita Weekend part 2/3

Let's continue with my report about the kawaii weekend in The Netherlands.
In the previous post I talked about the high tea which was amazing. After the tea party there was some free time left to get some dinner before the party started.

We grouped up together with 12 lolita in total I think and went to the Dom garden for some pictures before we headed over to our hotel. I wanted to switch my clothes for the after party later that day.
I was so pleased that all the girls wanted to go with me to our hotel so I could change my clothes.
When I was ready we went over to a pancake restaurant, where we had the most delicious pancakes ever! Mine was one with bacon, it was so tasty.
I had a really great time with the girls and most of them I never met before. They where all so sweet!

Together with the gorgeous Josine

Aren't we a cute couple?!

Pancakes! Silvia with her goat cheese and walnut pancake

At around 18:30 it was to to go the the party venue. It was in the Tivoli which is an old concert building in Utrecht. Our party was in the "Spiegelzaal" which was full of disco balls, it was so pretty.
The actual party started around 19:00 but before that we could shop a bit at the Mfashion booth. Not the best place to be if you want to save your money.
I was so happy so see all the pretty items that they had, going from rings to socks, headpieces to dresses. I even saw my dream dress! At the other side of the selling booth their was a merchandise section of Misako's and RinRin's promotion material and also from Scarlet Penta. She is a dutch artist with an amazing voice! You could buy CD's, postcards, Ribbon groupie items, books and other stuff from the special guest. Everyone was tempted by all the pretty stuff and bought some small things.
I bough also some small things and didn't got my dream dress that day. My budget was big enough for buying the dress but I needed to choose. Or I get the dress and that's it or I can spend all my budget on accessories and other things and buy the dress later when I have saved up for it. And that's what I did, I bought lots and lots of small things instead of my dream dress. 

My new items of that day, lot's and lot's of stuff

photo by

The party itself was amazing, it all started with a performance of Misako. She sang her song マエパツヒマカ(Maepatsu Himeka). Allthough she was a bit nervous the performance went great, she even took some time to practice the dance moves with us before she actualy started her song.
It was great to see all the girls dancing to her song and singing along with her.
Up next was RinRin, instead of one song she had 3 songs for us. One original song which was "Kira Kira Dreamy" and two covers "Ram no love song" and "Oyasumi kiss me"
Just like Misako was RinRin very nervous about her performance, but she rocked it anyway! 
I must say that the styling of RinRin was amazing, she was wearing a dress that was custom made for her by Angelic Pretty, isn't that cool?!
photo by MeFotografie

photo by MeFotografie

When both girls where finished we had some free time for some extra shopping. But also to talk a bit more to Misako and RinRin. Talking to Misako was really hard but thanks to RinRin we where able to ask and communicate a bit with her. So glad that she wanted to do that for us. Since we had to change to talk to the girls a lot of us also asked for some new pictures. It was so nice to see that even after a long day RinRin and Misako where still very pleased to go on the photo with everyone and kept on smiling for every shot. 
After the little brake it was time for the next part of the evening. The fashion show! A lot of girls participated in the contest for the best overall look. I think their where 31 girls in the fashion show and only 3 winners, so it was going to be a hard competition. Every girl did her best to look as confident as they could be, but like the most of us it was our first time on stage. Allthough that I was very nervous I had a great time walking down the catwalk. And I even felt like a real model at one point, hihi.
One by one we needed to walk to the judges, RinRin and Misako of course. The best jury for a Lolita fashion show I think. We all did our poses and sept back offstage to freak out that we just did that.

The judges, photo by MeFotografie

My look for the contest, photo by MeFotografie

We didn't get the results right away, so we danced a bit on some hard core music. Yeah not something that we expected but everyone just enjoyed the atmosphere at the party and danced along on the music. 
We even did the polonaise at one point, so funny.
I think we all had the best time that day while we where dancing like crazy.

The DJ of the night, photo by MeFotografie

photo by MeFotografie

Linda Friesen was also one of the special guests that night. She is a dutch fashion designer for Lolita clothing, her brand is called 4' O clock. She combines high fashion elements with Lolita so it's a really special brand! She did a fashion show on the party and all the pieces where stunning!
I even wanted to buy some of the dresses that she designed, but I didn't.

photo by MeFotografie

photo by MeFotografie

The fashion show ended in style and it was time for the last performance of the evening. Scarlet Penta was next, she is an amazing gothic lolita singer with such a beautifull voice.
I've heard her music one before in the internet but I must say I wasn't a big fan right away. But after seeing her live with the acoustic version of her songs made me change my mind.
She has such an amazing voice, just wow! 
Allthough she did an acoustic set everyone was amazed by her talent. Most of the people sat down on the cat walk to enjoy the beautiful music. But when she sang the song Glamorous Sky from the movie Nana everyone was dancing around. Even one of the japanese crew members was jumping around like a crazy dude. So funny to see him dancing!

photo by

photo by

The party was almost over but before we all went home we needed to know who won the fashion contest. So everyone gathered around the stage for the big revealing, who would win the contest.
Like I said before everyone looks amazing in their own style so it was really hard to choose I think.
But the third price, a brown Baby parasol went to Miriam. She is a Lolita from Germany. Her coordinate was an all pink look with flowers. Everything was well balanced and super cute. 

photo by

photo by

The second price, a bonnet from Baby went to Josine. She is a Lolita from the Netherlands. Her look was inspired by Snow White, she has a fair skin tone and beautifull black hair and the most gorgeous red lips. Also their where little red apples in her hair and on her dress for the finishing touch. I found it really cool that Josine won the bonnet, she is a real hat and bonnet girl! So that price was perfect for her. 

photo by

Look how happy she is! photo by

The first price, a limited metalic baby bleu heart bag by Baby was for Renske, also a Lolita from the Nethelands. Her coordinate was with a princess theme, I found it really cool that she won the contest since she wasn't wearing a brand dress! That shows everyone that you can be an amazing Lolita without brand items. If you know how to wear your clothes you can rock every style! 

photo by

She almost cried of happiness, photo by

There was even a runner up price for a German lolita, I didn't know her name anymore sorry for that. The price that she won was a jar of japanese candy's, which RinRin bought in her favorite store. She had styled her clothes so well, it was a mix of Lolita with decora or fairy kei I think. Don't shoot me if I'm wrong. But it was really amazing and totaly different. Even Misako and RinRin didn't see this before and they live in Japan. The birthplace of this all?!

photo by

Just like the tea party this party ended as well. It was such an amazing day with lot's of smiles, tears of joy and beautiful girls. But don't forget the boys, allthough there where only two boys that attended the event is was so cool to have them there as well.
Stay tuned for my report of the last day, the picknick in the garden of a real castle. We also had the opportunity to visit the castle as well, but we weren't allowed to make pictures inside the castle.

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