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woensdag 25 december 2013

Event report: 13th of october, we where aye aye loli pirates

On the 13th october Tamara organized a themed meet up for the Dutch lolita community. Since we live so close to The Netherlands we meet up very often with the northern neighbors, just like we did for this meet up.
Although the meet was organized by a Belgian lolita the location itself was in The Netherlands so that the Dutch lolita's where able to come as well.

We went to Breda for this meeting, a small city just across the border. It was a little one hour trip for us so we where really pleased with the location this time. Just before we would go to Breda I contacted a friend of mine for some doll lashes. I run out of my stash and needed some new ones to finish up my commission that I had. Since our friend lived on the route to Breda we made a pitstop at her home and drunk some tea and chatted a little before we went back on the road for the meet up.

Since we were going to this meeting by car Alexander had looked up parking place in the area of the station a couple of days before the meet up. It was a little 10 minute walk to our meeting point to we arrived in time at the parking place. Although we didn't knew the city at all Alexander was so sure about it that we needed to walk back to the street where we turned in with the car so that was what we did. After a long long walk we where lost in the city, it wasn't a 10 minute walk to the station but we ended up walking for about a little hour. Luckily everyone was still waiting for us at the station after almost an hour.

I was so happy to see that there where so many people that day, not that we where with that much but a nice group of almost 10 people I think. But only two of them where from The Netherlands so we where mostly with Belgian lolita's. The plan was that we would go to a café or a restaurant to eat something. Some of us wanted to have a high tea but like most of the time you need to make a reservation for it and the price was also a bit over budget for most of the girls.
So after a little search for a nice place to stay we ended up in a restaurant namen Dickens and Jones. Which is an English style restaurant with the most amazing decoration things inside.

In the restaurant itself was a small living room that was looking like the inside of a library. That was just amazing! I love old books so I was really in love with the location. We ordered something to eat and chatted all the time. It's was so great to sit down and talk to some of the new ones, not that they where that new in the community but I've never met them before so they where new to me. At first I was a bit shy to talk to them but after a while that feeling was over. We talked about everything that day, normal things like school and work but also about lolita things. It's nice to have someone near you that knows something about the fashion. Luckily at a meet up we all know something about it.

After our little lunch we went outside to look for a place to make some photo's. We ended up in the church that was in front of the restaurant. It was such a beautiful church and the entrance was free, if you wanted you could make a donation. As good lolita's we asked the man of the church if we where allowed to make pictures inside, we where so happy that it was! So we found our place to make the pictures, it was inside sort of warm and in a great location. Who doesn't love an old church for making pictures. After our little tour inside the church guided by Valerie and Saltje who both are art lovers talked us trough the whole tour.

Pictures where taken and we ended our day here, it was already 5 a clock so the most of us wanted to leave since they had a long trip in front of them, so did we. It was a day filled with laughs and happy moments, long walks since we where lost in the city but after all it was worth every step I took that day. 

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