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maandag 23 december 2013

Event report: Ghent meeting 6th of oktober

I'm really behind with all my blogposts from the meeting I went to in the past months so here is another catch up post.
This time the meetup with the Belgian Lolita community. I'm so happy that I was able to go to this meetup and I'll tell you why....

In Oktober there was a small side meeting organized in Ghent by the lovely Liesa specially for Josine. She is a super sweet lolita from the netherlands who is attending to some of the meet ups in Belgium. Our day was filled with a lovely city trip guided by Liesa, a little visit to the froyo shop and just be fabulous!

Everything was going great the days before the meetup, all the people where so exiting that it was almost meeting day until Josine came with the sad news that she wasn't able to come any more. The days after that everyone was living along with Josine and we decided that we should continue the meet up just for her! So that's what we did.

Our day started in the station of Ghent where we were ask to pose for a quick art sketch. There where two students of an art school making portraits from the visitors that day. They told us that it would me no much longer than 15 minutes. Since we needed to wait a bit more for some other girls we decided to give it a shot. I still remember the girls faces when they saw our group of frilly people walking toward them. It was their teacher that asked us for the portrait so the girls didn't knew what to expect. It was really hard to stand still for them cause we where laughing all the time. Especially when they talked to us with nicknames like purple bow, black one, the second one from the right, etc.

Even though they called us that way we were still so happy that they asked us to do this as an exercise for them. We talked a lot during the drawing of our portrait, they where so sweet and very interested in why we where dressing the way we did. Even one of the girls said that she wanted to dress like us as well but she doesn't had the guts for it. She already dressed in cute thing everyday and that was a great thing for her.
After the whole drawing experience we asked the artists to sign it for us. We decided to give it to Josine as a gift from us, since she wasn't at the meet that day.

After a while we our group was complete and we headed over to the centrum of Ghent. It was my first time in Ghent but what I have seen from Ghent that day I wasn't all happy with the location at that moment. The placed where we parked our car was feeling like a bad neighborhood with broken things and such. But also the trip to the station was not the prettiest either. So when I arrived in the city of Ghent is was so surprised to see all the amazing buildings, old churches, super cute streets and even a little river. It was like a whole new place that I entered that day.

Picture by Gert

We went that day on a tourist trip guided by the amazing Liesa, she does such a great job with leading us around in Ghent. We visited a church, which also had a curiosa market in one part of the church. I think it was a coincidence that their was a little market but is fitted well in our tour. So many cute things where sold at the market, some of them where really old other things a bit newer but nothing less everything was used on one way or another.

Picture by Gert

Picture by Gert

Our tour was put on hold for a while, we needed to make a stop at a froyo shop. Since I was not eating the froyo I ordered myself some bubble tea. Hoping that this one wasn't that bad as the first one I tried. The one I tried before in Eindhoven was just horrible. Luckily for me it was delicious and I enjoyed it so much that I'm now loving the bubble tea drink. Even those little popping bubbles.

We continued the tour and went back to the point where we left. While walking down the street we where also asked a lot by stranger if they could take pictures of us. Some of them where even from a photo club so a bunch of photographers stood up and took tons of pictures from us. They said that they would email the pictures to Liesa but I don't know if they did that in the end. But on the other side we only got good experiences that day with everyone that we met. There was also a lady that asked us to visit her exhibition and so we did. It was really nice to see some art, one piece was inspired by spain. It had something to do with the riots there. I found that one really beautiful.

Since a meet up isn't complete without photo's of your outfit we decided to go to a small vintage shop to pose in front of it. Everyone look so good that day, it needed to be on a picture or it didn't happen.
All of the girls and boys posed for the camera, first the single photo ones and later one some group pictures. It was so great to see that all the people that came across the street stopped and waited till we said you can walk now. We where standing on two spots with a street in between us. So everyone was waiting to at one side while a lolita was posing on the other side of the street.

We ended our day is a small café where we drunk some tea, coffee or a cookie coffee like Tamara ordered. That one was so amazing! Everyone was jealous that she got that amazing drink it was just that cool! A glass full of coffee with whipped cream and lots of cookie crumbs. It looked to tasty, you just can't imagine. I took a green tea like I mostly take when I'm at a café or a restaurant so it was a safe choice to go that day. They came in such pretty tea pots! All made of glass and with the tiniest little glass to drink out. So cute! 

Well since the day ended in the café I'll end my post here as well.
I'll show you some pictures of that day to make a nice ending.

The lovely Liesa on the left and pretty Lise on the right

Claire looking fabulous as always

Together with Tamara who is rocking this coord!

Caroline on the left with Margot, aren't they cute together?

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