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vrijdag 31 januari 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival - 1 Piece, 4 Seasons

It's that day of the week again, time for another Lolita Blog Carnival topic. So grab a warm cup of tea and enjoy this post. This weeks topic was about how to coordinate 1 lolita piece into 4 seasons. Let's see how you can stretch your wardrobe to the max while making a coord...

1 Piece, 4 seasons

For my first season coords I took a classic JSK from Bodyline. It's the Love Nadia dress, this dress is such a beauty I really love this one. Easy to wear and also very versatile when you use different items to make your outfit complete.
So here we go 1 piece, 4 seasons Classic Style 
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Summer, try to keep your coord as light as possible. In summer you don't want to wear lots of clothes or many layers. For this outfit I used small ankle socks in an old babypink color combined with dusty pink shoes and some pearl bracelets. Also in summertime you mostly don't wear a wig so a nice clip in flower for a quick hair updo is a nice add.

Fall, when I think off Fall I think about the forest animals and rainy days. Walking in the forest or just going to a café for a hot coco is something what I love to do in Fall. Also for this coord I didn't use any jewelry or hair pieces. I think you don't really need to have tose to make your outfit complete. A nice braided updo goes well with this look. And the fur items gives it a warm look.

Winter, Layering is a must where I live. My inspiration for this outfit comes from the had I've bought on a fantasy fair a couple of years ago. I really wanted to make a coord with it some day. When I found the jacket on sale this year I thought it's perfect for a military inspired lolita look. The Love Nadia dress goes really well with it due the colors of the print. Pairing the look with brown tights and some comfy lined ankle boots makes you ready for a tough and cold winter. I didn't use any jewelry in this coord to keep it clean and manly.

Spring, not really your typical bright spring outfit but if you use light accessories you can really spice it up. For this outfit I took my inspiration from a typical dream that every girls has I think, at least I have those dreams every year again. A nice walk into a field full of wild flowers and reading a book under the tree with some cute bunnies and little lams hopping around. Spring is a season that can be a bit chilly time to time so wearing a vest is a nice mid way for those days. Combined with a straw hat and cute little straw handbag gives you the feeling of a spring picknick.

Since my heart really loves Sweet lolita I also wanted to do a season challenge with my Wonder Cookie JSK by Angelic Pretty. Due the bold print of the dress if give you a total different look throughout the seasons.

1 Piece, 4 seasons Sweet style

Summer, this time I used a blouse which is different from the classic summer coord. This is because the Wonder cookie JSK has no sleeves where the Love Nadia JSK has little sleeves to cover up your shoulders. I also used a lot of headbows for this coord to make it a bit OTT sweet. The long socks can be a bit warm in summer but it's still doable when you don't wear winter socks. For jewelry I used some rings and bracelets.

Fall, the moment to layer up your clothes a bit. Not really a style switch so it's still sweet lolita but with a more cozy feeling. I only took down the amount of bows in this coord to make it more old school inspired. Not that this is your typical old school outfit but it's clean and simple. 
Some rings and pearl bracelets to spice it up when you take of your jacket.

Winter, time to arm you for the cold wind and snow. Using boots are a great way to keep your feet warm and dry, also wearing gloves that matched your outfit are a super handy. The wool coat keeps you warm while you are outside and head bows in pink tones keeps it all together. This is basically a pink themed outfit for winter time.

Spring, picknick time or making a field trip to a nice location. This outfit is perfect for it, the vest keeps you warm when it's a bit chilly while the hat gives it a nice touch. To accentuate the pearls on the vest I used the pearl bracelets again. I'm a really big fan of pearls so I use them mostly in every outfit. The tea party shoes are a great add to complete the spring look.

As you can see with 1 piece you can change up your style many times into different outfits. It really depends on the items that you already own. But don't be afraid to make mistakes or to combine mainstream items with lolita. You can't become a better lolita if you don't make mistakes!

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  1. very cute outfits! I love the blue combined with the pink coat in your sweet winter outfit!
    I need to do this too haha :D

  2. I think that one is my favorite one too ^_^ It was really hard to combine outfits without using the same items all over again!
    You should really do this as well, I'm really curious what your coords will be!


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