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dinsdag 28 januari 2014

Parasols, still a must have?

A couple of years back lolita parasols where a must have for every outfit. Let's see how it goes these days ...

When you look at the outfit photo's online these days you hardly see any parasols or umbrellas anymore. Some girls are still rocking them with their outfits but a lot of them leaves them at home. Why would you think, well walking around with un umbrella without any rain is just ridiculous in an everyday setting. It's not easy to walk around on the market while you need to watch out for the other people. You don't want to poke them in the eye you know, that's not so nice. All though when you take a look at pictures of a summer meet up a lot of these girls are bringing there parasols with them. But they will not use it, unless it's starts to rain or when the sun is burning into your skin which is not that healthy.

Parasols are super cute but a pain in the ass if you use it, other people on the street need to be very careful if they don't want to get bumped by it. And when it rains you can easily get stains on your umbrella! There goes your 60 dollar umbrella...
Parasols are super cute for completing your outfit, they are a nice add and they are also very handy if you have a foldable one. You can put these in your bag just like that. Who doesn't want that, a cute umbrella that fits in your purse. Still need to buy one of these!

For myself, I have a love and hate relationship with them. Right now I own one brand umbrella by Baby, the stars shine Bright and two offbrand ones. Most of the time they are hanging in my closet just to fill up some space really, I don't bring them along to meetups because they are so unhandy. You don't have both hands free and using it as a cane is just not done for a lolita. When it's raining I don't use my Baby one because of the stains afterwards.
I'm a really big fan af cute umbrella's with lace and such but just to look at, but I don't use them as much as I should do.

So are Parasols a must have in your lolita closet? I would say no, when it rains you are not going to walk graciously with your brand umbrella down the street and when the sun is out you don't want to poke others in there eyes.
But The foldable ones are pretty cute and are a nice add if you want a cute umbrella for emergency's

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this-- it's a very interesting re-examination of parasols. Still, I think it's a bit sad to see them go-- they're just so pretty! I wrote a reply to this article on my own blog, and I do hope that I haven't misquoted your opinions (if I have, please correct me!).

    Thank you for this article! I love seeing people's own opinions on bits of the fashion we take for granted.


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