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vrijdag 24 januari 2014

Lolita Blog Carnival - Lolita and You in 8 years

Recently I joined a group of Lolita bloggers on Facebook that is called Lolita Blog Carnival. Basically it's a community where vote every week for a prompt, you are free to join the prompt or skip it if it doesn't suit you. This is going to be my first post in these series of amazing lolita topics.
I joined this group to keep this blog alive and if it goes the way I hope I will be posting a blogpost on every friday with that weeks theme. This weeks theme is....

Lolita and you in 8 years 

Well, since I'm not in my teen years anymore I found it a really interesting topic to talk about. This means that I will be 33 when I read this post back over 8 years from today. 
It's a bit scary to make a prediction about your future but let's give it a try how hard can it be after all?

Over 8 years I will be or have

♥︎ A married woman and hopefully a mother of a beautiful child that joins me to the meet ups
♥︎ Still a lolita that wears it occasionally, only for meet ups and when I feel like
♥︎ Changed my style a bit to classic although I think my heart stays with sweet forever, otherwise a more toned down version of sweet lolita
♥︎ Thinking about how I can get rid of my wrinkles, I'm to young to be a granny lolita
♥︎ Having many more clothes in my closet, and lot's of my dream items even though I won't wear them anymore
♥︎ A lolita that is in the community for almost 15 years, damn I will feel old by then!

I think the styles will change a lot, OTT will get back into there caves, just like Old school these days. As I see it now the prints are getting more mature they are growing with the customers, more complex design and less simple dresses for everyday wear. 
Every style will be generally the same but the experimental thing will be a lot more, the rules are going to fade. Not that they are that strict but the crossover line will be very thin. And I think that Indie brands will be in the future just as well known as the populair brands these days. 

Once a lolita, you stay a lolita ♥︎ Even if you are old and wrinkly

Be sure to check out all the other blogs that participated in this weeks carnival.

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