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maandag 23 november 2015

Happiness shipped in a box

In October the leafs turn red and the days get shorter every minute. Winter is coming and so are the moments that you want to stay inside with all the things that you love.
Together with the mori community we organized a swap, this time we wanted to make a self care box for each other. And that was to cheer us up in those cold winter days.

I thought it was a wonderful idea to make such gifts and joined in as well. As I'm one of the admins of the mori girl swap group I also did the organization for this swap as well. The girls could choose between two options, a fall related swap and a theme free swap for the people that don't have aything with fall or live in a hot country. Still unbelievable that there are places on this planet where you can wear just a t-shirt in wintertime while we need to wear lots of layers to keep us warm.

My partner was a girl from Holland, so the package did not travel that far this time. I was so excited when the postman brought the huge box. Yes, it was huge! I thought I had made a big box but this one was even bigger than mine. When we needed to register for the swap we needed to tell a bit about ourself so the other person knew what we liked or disliked.  But this is not a guarantee that your package will suit you 100%

When I opened the box I was in heaven, she added small leaves into the box for decoration and so many items! Going from scented candles to a warm blanket, an old book to small stationary items and even accessories but also some fabric that I can use to make some clothes. I was in shock with the fact that it where all things that I love so much. This wasn't something that I expected at all.

Every time I join one of the swaps as well in the group I get excited about it. The organizing is lots of fun even though it's also very time consuming. But I love it so much and I can't wait till next time when the bell rings at my place with an other lovely surprise from someone around the world.

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