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woensdag 15 juni 2016

Urban Fairytale, guest line up

Hello my fellow readers,

it's been way to long since my last blogpost but I'm happy to say that I will be posting some new blogposts at least once a month. My plan is to make a blogpost every week but I know how bad I am with keeping up with everything so lets start with once a month, just to be safe.

Today I want to talk a bit about the next event that I will be attending which is Urban Fairytale in Berlin. This event is organized by Ribbon City, the local community of Berlin and Court of Fables which is the overal global community from Germany. Urban Fairytale is their first big event and they have some great names on their guest list. The main guest is Baby, the stars shine Bright with their three representatives. More about them below.

I've met most of them already at other events but it's always great to meet them again. Especially when they are doing a new fashion show at the event as well. I am really looking forward to this, a lot of my friends are walking in the fashion show so I need to cheer for them.

Besides Baby, the stars shine Bright we also get to meet Sana. He is a musician. To be honest I've never heard of him before the announcement. But I'm still looking forward to meet him, maybe I need to start looking up some of his music.

Baby, the stars shine Bright

Masumi Kano
Picture by Philippe Gressien

Masumi Kano is the designer of Baby, the stars shine Bright. 
She studied design and pattern making in university and came to the company after receiving het diploma. 
One year after she joined, she was already the foremost designer for the company. 
Her foremost responsibillity in Baby's elegant world, is to design dresses that are elegant and doll-like, but not overly sweet.

Masumi Kano has also been active with promoting the brand overseas at conventions and in fashion shows. Including Japan Expo in Paris and many events in the US, Canada, China and Sweden.

I had the chance to meet Masumi Kano before at the La vie en Rose event in Paris last year. Though I didn't got a picture with her I am really looking forward to see her again in Berlin this year and ask for a photo. Not because I want to meet her so desperately or because I'm a big fan of her in general but I still like the fact that she is coming to Berlin. I do hope that she will smile a bit, since every time I see pictures of her she looks so bored. 
Picture by Houston Jfashion

Rin-Chan is the store manager of the flagship store in Harajuku. Besides being a store manager she is also a well seen model for the annual tea parties from the very beginning. Rin-Chan has her own clothing line which is very populair. Some of her well known designs are the Rubbit Watch series, Black Cat series, Tinker Bell series, Dreaming Kitten series and the Gretel series. 

Rin-Chan isn't only a model in Japan but she has also walked in some fashion shows in the US, China and Canada. Besides being a model, store manager she had also the tittle of Model Staff Representative on her name for Baby, the stars shine Bright. 

Now she is someone I'm looking forward to, still I haven't heard of here before this event though. Just like SANA, but after doing some research I really fell in love with her designs for BTSSB. Especially the Tinker Bell series it's so light and airy. Maybe I can add this dress to my wardrobe some day.

Akinari Isobe
Picture by Philippe Gressien

Akinari Isobe is the CEO of Baby, the stars shine Bright.

Photo by SANA Official

Sana started his career as the guitarist of the Japanese Visual Kei band MASK, gothic rock band Kain and as a support guitarist for many other Japanse artists. Since then, he has also made some name for himself with a successful solo career. In the last few years he has been touring around Europe both as a support guitarist and with his solo tour.

This year's solo tour "Where is my Honey" is also going to stop in Berlin, where he is going to attend the event with us. Besides being a musician he is also a a well known face on the Japanese runways where he has modeled for Black Peace Now, Atelier Boz and HELLCATPUNKS.

I have never heard of SANA before and after doing some research about him I didn't found any music files of his current solo tour. Maybe I am not that good with looking up music in general but still. At the Osharecon convention in 2015 was ADAM a special guest and they played a small set, but sadly enough most of the people didn't know who they where or enjoyed the performance at all. I do think this is going to be the same, not everyone that is coming to a lolita event is interested in the same music. Let alone love the same artist. There aren't any clear details besides on his official Fb page that he is going to stop in Berlin on the 23th  with his tour. Though on the event page we only got the announcement about the fact that he will be modeling in the fashion show for Alice and the Pirates.

I'm not a big fan of their music so far but I am still looking forward to meet him and seeing him in the fashion show. Especially since he will be wearing male clothes! More shopping opportunities for my husband, hell yeah.

If you are interested in coming to this event as well you can still buy your tickets till the 23th of June!
Get your Tickets HERE!

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  1. Aww, shame that I found out about it so late, now it's a bit too expensive for me to fly over there. But it looks like a great event, I really hope it works out well and that they'll do another one next year, maybe then I'll manage. Have you decided what you're going to wear yet or still thinking? :)

    1. I have one outfit ready for the first day but I have no clue on what to wear on the second day. I'm also hoping that they will have another event next year!


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