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dinsdag 5 juli 2016

Antwerp, a golden treasure

Antwerp is one of those places that I loved to visit as a child. We went to Antwerp every year for the Christmas show of a Belgian Duo named Samson & Gert and afterwards a visit to the Zoo which is located just around the corner of the central station. 
Just like every trip to Antwerp it starts with a little train ride, this time it went a bit differently than all the other times since we needed to take a different train at a station before our destination due to some rail works that where happening that weekend. 

Luckily we found the second train just in time but man this one was packed! So many people where going to Antwerp that day. I'm always so surprised to see how well loved this Belgian city is. But it's truly a magical place if you ask me. 

While having some childhood memories on the train it was funny to see how people react on "special looking people" I was wearing a pastel coord that day. I even got several questions from a stranger in the station of Antwerp if there was a cosplay or anime convention that day. But I didn't know anything about it so after I made that clear he asked me if I wear these clothes on a daily basis and my answer was YES! I do. You should have seen his face it was priceless. 

Even in a big city like Antwerp there are always people that give you stranges looks or laugh at you behind your back. But almost no one will shout at you, this is so remarkable for the Belgian culture I think.

My plan for this day trip was to do some shopping at the Uniqlo and make some photo's of the city. It was one of the first times I actualy took some time to make travel photo's. I love to see those kind of photo's so I thought why not make them myself of places that I visit. 

Most of the stores in Antwerp have an impressive upper building, so you are wowing with your eyes pointed to the sky. So much historical buildings in one place with lots of gold details and balcony's. 

One of the hidden gems in Antwerp is the Stadsfeestzaal, it's a building from the 1900's with golden details everywhere. A marble stair and lots of shops as well. One of my favorite shops in this building is Urban Outfitters, they have those quirky gadgets and books that I love to see.

Like in most towns I often visit I have a list in my head of the shops that I need to see that day. They are always the same shops though so I know my way to them with my eyes closed. It always feel that if I haven't visited these shops my day isn't complete or something like that.

My top shops in Antwerp

  • Urban Outfitters - Gadgets, Books, Polaroid camera's
  • De Standaard Bookshop - Books
  • Dille & Kamille - Nature and kitchen products
  • Games Workshop - Figures and WIP stations
  • Uniqlo - Basic clothing
  • Pull & Bear - Cosy clothing 

I love visting city's in my free time and I hope I will improve on my photography skills as well. Do you like these kinds of travel posts? I would love to hear your thoughts on it. I'm planning on doing more of them in the future so I can practice a bit more. But your feedback is more than welcome or requests for what you want to see in these posts. 

outfit rundown
JSK: Angelic Pretty - Candy Sprinkle
Socks: Angelic Pretty - Wrapping Heart
Accessories: Angelic Pretty / Chocomint
Vest: KOKOkim - Miku Miku Speaker
Shoes: Offbrand

4 reacties:

  1. Your outfit looks so cosy, yet very cute! I love how you styled your hair, it looks really nice and fits well with your coord. Generally I like reading travel posts, it makes me want to travel again aswell! :)

    1. Thank you so much for your nice words. It's great to hear that you like to read travel posts and especially since it makes you want to travel again! Go out and explore ^_^ it's so much fun

  2. I never really considered Antwerp before as a place to visit, probably because I know next to nothing about it. But looking at your photos, it seems absolutely gorgeous and full of history and great atmosphere! I might have to see how doable it'd be for me to visit, it looks worth it. Just based on this I think you should do more travel posts, I'd love to read them.
    Also your outfit is great, I like how you managed to tone it down and make it a bit more casual, but still retain that cute pastel overall look. :)

    1. Thank you so much for you comment and compliments for my outfit! I'm really glad that you like it. If you have the opportunity to visit Antwerp one day you really should. There are a lot more amazing things to see, thinking about it makes me want to go back and explore it even further!

      Ready the comments of everyone makes me want to improve even more for my travel posts, there will be coming more in the future :)


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