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vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Lolita as your daily wardrobe

When I take a look at the past two years I can really say that my daily style has changed over time. Never thought I would be a "daily lolita" or at least wearing lolita/otome coords more than once a week or even a month. It used to be only for meeting purposes but over time I started to feel a little empty on the inside, I wanted to wear what made me happy and not so much for functionality.

About two years ago I started to wear more and more dresses on a daily basis, though when I needed to go to work by bike I would wear some jeans which felt so uncomfortable. The button sticking in my belly, the fabric that didn't felt nice and soft. It was more out of functionality that I was wearing those because it was easy to get dressed into my uniform at work. 

When changing your wardrobe a little at a time you get used to dressing a bit differently, it does take some effort and courage to do. Especially when you are that type of person that never wears a dress except for meetings but over time you will get the hang of it. 

These days I'm adding more and more classical pieces to my wardrobe which need to fit into my list of requirements. 
  • Simple cut
  • No in-your-face print
  • Minimal lacing/frills, no lacing is better
  • Comfy fitting
The list is not super long but this makes it a lot easier to find the right dress which you can wear on a daily basis. Not all my daily wear dresses fit these three boxes but sometimes you just have to make it work. 

Most of the dresses that I own have a print on them and can be considered as an in-your-face-print. Though it is pretty easy to tone these dresses down. I've made a small collection for you to show he difference what my daily wear vs my convention wear looks like and my overal daily wear which has still some hints of lolita fashion in it. 

The first one is Wrapping Heart from Angelic Pretty, it is a dress that you don't want to wear on a hot summer day because of the fabric but it is really suitable for a colder spring day. Because of the huge amount of frills on top I always try to make the rest of my coord as simple as possible for daily wear.
Left: Casual, shopping day // Right: Convention

Milky Planet from Angelic Pretty is one of my go to dresses when it comes to daily wear, first reason is cause I love the print to death but it is so comfy and perfect to wear without a petticoat. Yes you hear it correctly I do wear some of my dresses on a daily basis without petticoat! Most of the AP dresses have a little petticoat build in already so you still have a little poof with you.
Left: Casual for traveling by car // Right: Japanse fair

Innocent World has the best casual dresses in my size, I do have a weak spot for Jane Marple, Victorian Maiden but sadly enough they don't make that many dresses in bigger sizes. But both of them are also great for an every day wardrobe, but it is a total different style. Enough talk about anything else than the next dress I want to show you. It is the Forest Animals Torchon Lace dress from Innocent World.

This dress has a bigger in-your-face factor going on, as well as a lot of lacing in the front but because of it's comfyness I get a lot of wear out of this one. I don't have a convention coord for this dress sadly enough though I don't think this will make it to my event/convention options I think because of it's casual-ness feeling to me.
Left: Casual, day out // Right: Casual for traveling by plane

Up next are some of my daily go to outfits for when I don't feel like wearing a lolita dress even though there is one in there. These coords are mostly for the days that I go to work, simple to wear, easy to change and no fuzz. All the clothes are from Primark, H&M, C&A and Angelic Pretty, just because I can, why not it's Milky Planet!

Last I want to show you my coord of today, I went on a small bike trip to the pharmacy. Yep, I do wear my lolita clothes for bike trips as well, even bigger trips for about two or three hours. Today I felt a bit out of place with all the cars next to me. Mostly because I felt so lady like with my basket on my bike, it really felt like I was in the middle of the year 1900 or so. I'm bad with history so correct me if I was in a different time..
Dress is from Sweet Mildred and perfect for daily wear as well.

As you can see, wearing lolita inspired clothes is something that comes over time and it is something that will grow on to you, the more you experiment with it the easier it will get. 
When I wear lolita both on a daily base or to conventions and meetings I always do my own thing. I'm not aiming to fit in a box yet I'm still a lolita in my eyes. My coords aren't posted every single day cause on some days I wear my PJ's too. 

I feel that you need to wear what fits you as a person for that day, do you feel like breaking all the rules and add colors to your coord that doesn't come in your dress but it still looks amazing? Go for it! It's not that the police will stop at your front door to say that you are breaking the lolita laws. If you like what you wear, you wear it with pride and a big smile on your face! Those ones are the best outfits to wear..

This post is a part of The Lolita Blog Carnival or The LBC for short, check out the other post from my fellow bloggers.

What are your choices for daily wear? Please let me know in the comments below I would love to read them. 
See you next time! 

Love Poppy xx

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  1. Lovely post! I really like the way you've covered this subject <3
    xx Liv

    1. Thank you Liv, I'm really happy that you liked this post <3

  2. Cute outfits, I really like your everyday style! To be honest, despite of loving lolita my everyday style is jeans and a nerdy t-shirt, lol.

    1. Thanks Roli! It is nice to hear that that you love both ways of dressing, keep on going :D


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