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vrijdag 22 juli 2016

Urban Fairytale, did you say shopping?

With Urban Fairytale around the cornor I though it would be nice to prepare ourselfs for some serieus shopping. At this very moment I'm sitting in my hotel room waiting with slow internet connection so I'm going to use the official photo's of the event to sell about the vendors.

There are a lot of vendors that make me really excited! Which doesn't happen that often esspecially after Under The sea where we got the news that Moon Bunny wasn't comming. It'sf not that I'm not excited to see all the pretty things but more in the way of I'm need a lot of money this time to buy everything that I love.

My style is evolving a bit, going from only sweet lolita to classic lolita as well. Though this also means that I need to spend some cash on expanding my current wardrobe.
I think my style is going in a good direction I'm adding pieces to my wardobe that are usable for everyday and also suitable for meetings.

But lets get into the huge list of brands that are coming to the event and get this party started!

Japanese & Asian brands

In this small collection I'm mostly looking forward to Innocent World and Soufflesong. To be honest I did forget about Soufflesong and Long Ears and Sharp Ears a bit but now that I'm working on this post I did know why I was really happy to see that esspecialy Souflesong was attending the event as a remote vendor. A couple of months ago I saw on their website some gorgeous handbags in a dark red and I wanted to buy it before the event started so I could have the bag at the event. Though when I was ready to buy it the site went down for maintenance, why?? 

My main goal this event was being able to buy at least one Innocent World dress but not just any dress that I can find. Since I've been to the J-store here in Berlin and I fell in love with the Planisphere JSK in black but I did not bought it yet because it isn't the style of dress that I was looking for in the first place. I wanted a plain non printed dress or one with a subtile flower print on it and not one with a gorgeous print. But maybe after the event I might go back if I have some money left to buy it than. 

Indie brands

In this collection of brands was Elegant Feather and Fluffy Tori a big hit for me. Let us start with Fluffy Tori, when I saw that they where coming to the event I looked up their brand and saw that they hand something very unique a sportsbra with a lolita print on it. It fel in love right away so after some thinking I ordered one and I'm going to pick it up at their booth this weekend together with some printed tights. I've seen the dresses on pictures before but as far that I can see they still need to work on their designs and quality a bit. Though I can be completely wrong too! We will see what it looks like this weekend. But I'm already super excited with my purchase! 

The other brand is Elegant Feather, this one is also new to me but looking through their facebook page gives me a good idea that this is something that I love. Their jewelry designs are very classical and the perfect add to your classic coord. Not sure if I will end up buying one of these gorgeous items but I will definitely take a look at their booth. 

While the other brands are very cool as well I'm personaly not really interested in something specific from their shops. Though you'll never know what they will bring to an event so never say never. 

Sooo where to start with this collage, so many amazing brands that have caught my eye! Starting with Sweet Mildred, this brand has some elegant headbows and a gorgeous dress for sale at their webshop. The dress that they have is the Gourmet Coffee JSK which I saw in real life when I met my dear friend Ashlyn here in Berlin last week. That dress is just stunning! So I'm secretly hoping to get my hands on it, so if you see it hanging at the booth before me. Don't buy it hihi, just kidding. 

On the other hand we also Vanillas Traumfabrik which makes the most gorgeous rosettes! They are just magical and I really want to add one to my collection as well. Let us hope that she brought lots of things with her! Going on in the clasical vibe there is Mighty Kingdom as well, this brand is rather new to me as well but I saw their dresses in the fashion show at Under the Sea. And I must say the green dress in the fashion show caught my eye so I'm looking forward to their fashion show on sunday. 

For my sweet tooth I'm going to visit the Melty Wish booth and drool over the pastel cuteness. Since I'm wearing pastel clothes almost everyday I really could use some more pastel things in my life. You might think, don't you have enough in your closet with all the sweet clothes and stuff? 
Well euhm... maybe... But.. How can someone ever have enough pastel things in their life hihi. 
The shop Melty Wish is run by my friend Liz who is super adorable herself and I'm ready to spend some cash at her stall!
Today she posted a little video about the new sailor moon jewelry that she is going to bring and guess what I was just looking for some. What a coincidence right.. 

I'm prepared for a blood bath at the Promise of Nostalgica booth and really praying that their isn't going to be a sign "SOLD OUT!" when the GA entrance starts. This little brand is one of a kind if you ask me, this shop is also by a friend of mine and she makes the most amzing hats I've ever seen. I know I say this a lot of times but for these hats they are just out of the world! 
For most of my lolita coords I'm not wearing any hats or something that looks like that but when I see these I have the instant need to buy a hat from her. So this time I really hope that there is one left in a colour that I like as well. She posted a picture of the hats that she is going to bring and so far that I know most of them are already claimed by lots of fans! Good luck girls!! 

And last in line is my favorite juwelry brand for sweet items Moon Bunny, whoohoo. Super happy that they will be here this weekend, esspecialy after the sad news for the Under the Sea event. This time I will be able to add more things of them to my collection, I really love their designs and I wear them with my everyday clothes as well. I don't think that this booth will be super populair since their aren't many sweet sweet lolita girls here in Germany. But you'll never know. 

There are also a lot of remote vendors but I don't have the time to write about those as well. Maybe I can make a small post about those this evening. But in about an hour I'm meeting up with Lui so eat some ice cream... it's time to leave my laptop behind and get ready!

See you tomorrow, xxx

Lots of love Poppy 

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