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donderdag 1 september 2016

Royal Princesses ⎜Berlin Travels

On the second day there where more awesome things on the program. After breakfast it was time to get ready since we would be meeting up with Vanilla Bear again for a visit to the Charlottenburg Castle.  We decided to meet up at the station close to my hotel, it sounded all so perfect. We would meet at 12 in front of the S Bahn. And there we where, standing in the shade while I was checking my phone.. I got a text from her that we was arriving but when I looked at all the people that came off the train there was no Vanilla Bear. How was this possible?

After a lot of chatting online we found each other, did you know there are two stations with the name Charlottenburg? Well I didn't, alright maybe it is one huge station but still she was like on the other side of the park! I still can't believe it how this could happen.
But thankfully we where able to hop on the bus that would bring us to the palace.

Both of us dressed up in lolita going to a palace just like Royal Princesses, only the carriages with the horses where missing. But with some imagination a bus can do the trick, everything is better than walking right? We bought our tickets in the souvenir shop as well as the photo permission to make photo's of the interior. Which made me really happy cause that would mean I had something to film for my vlog and blogpost of today. But sadly enough we can't publish any of it since it is only for private use, so you can find the pictures of the palace on my facebook profile.

The inside of the palace was amazing, lots of golden details and stunning rooms! I have seen many palaces in the last few years and I must say that this one was one to remember esspecially the first green room omg it was gorgeous. So many details and paintings on the ceilings just breathtaking.
We had an audio tour inside the palace telling us lots of interesting things and I highly recommend this to any tourist that is visiting Berlin.


After our tour inside the palace we headed back outside to walk around in the gardens, since we bought a ticket for the main palace we where allowed inside some buildings that where in the garden as well. One of them that we visited was a tomb, this one was also nice to see but not as special as the main palace. We walked a bit in the garden and took some pictures together before we headed to the city centre for some food.

In front of the palace there was a food festival with lots of foods from over the world, there was even a BBQ Corn stand! I love corn on the cob, it is sweet and juicy and ... aaah I'm getting hungry again.
Vanilla Bear spotted some BBQ stands that made her think of home, she wanted to have a real American BBQ when she was back home. Since we didn't had any cash with us we couldn't buy anything at the fair so we went to a vegan restaurant that I wanted to visit.

The restaurant is named Soy, it serves Vietnamese dishes which is my kind of food. I'm not the person that likes the typical european kitchen of potatoes, vegetables, meat and gravy. Even if the dish is vegan I'm not a huge fan of it. But give me something from Asia and I'm all in for it!
It was really hard to choose something from the menu because we had so much choice. As a vegan you have mostly one or two options in a normal restaurant but when you are in a vegan one the choices are endless and you want to try everything that is on there.

While we where waiting on our order I started to look around a bit more, the atmosphere in this restaurant was so unique. It is laid back and has a zen feeling to it. Something I would love in my own house as well, even the music was adding to the atmosphere. It was so relaxing just sitting there and staring in the distance.

The dishes where amazing, I ordered a noodle dish and rice paper rolls filled with fresh veggies while Alexander ordered a noodle salat which was super delicious as well. I wish I could take this restaurant with me back to Belgium, it was that good. Vanilla Bear ordered a dessert afterwards and I tried a bit of it, this was like heaven. This was the first time I tried this dessert, it was sticky rice with mango and coconut milk/sauce on top of it. Do you know what this is called? If you know please let me know so I can look up a recipe for it cause it's so good!

When we where about to leave back to our hotel at 7 in the evening I ordered some drinks on the go at Soy. They had this as an option so we could have a drink along the way. Vanilla Bear noticed that I wasn't the quickest when it comes to eating and drinking so when we had about a 3 minute walk to the station I needed to drink my drink very quickly. Since we aren't allowed to bring our drinks onto the tube, it was such a hard job! But a good one cause it was delicious!

It was time to say goodbye and our paths would separate at the Alexanderplatz Station. This day was filled with lots of wow's and ooh's, funny moments and delicious foods. I had one day left with Vanilla Bear before she would leave back to America. Tomorrow would be a chill day, stores are closed and there is nothing to do besides some musea. But we found an amazing place which I could visit every week. Find out what it was in my next post!

Lots of love,
Poppy x

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