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vrijdag 2 september 2016

Fall survival kit - Lolita Style

I think I can officially say that summer has come, temperatures keep on rising and the sun is out almost every day since about two weeks. But with fall around the corner I thought it would be smart to work with one dress to create four different fall approved coords. 

Fall in Belgium can be super tricky, some days are like summer while other are rainy and cold. To be prepared for every situation I came up with these 4 coords. 
In this series I asked on Facebook which style you wanted to see and the majority voted for sweet lolita. Not the easiest one to come up with fall coords especially because of the fact that I tend to wear darker dresses and autumn colors in fall. So I needed to bring all my skills out to make a sunny fall coord that would be suitable for the season. 

When it comes to fall there are some points that you need to keep in mind before you start wearing your favorite coord outside.
  • Does the print run out when it gets wet?
    • This information can be found on the washing lable or if it's an older dress you can find the info also on Livejournal (last update 2015 in comments)
  • What am I going to do? 
    • Being inside all day need a different type of coord than one where you are going to be outside most of the day.
  • Is it a sunny or a rainy day?
    • This part is important for the shoes, you don't want to wear open or lower shoes when it rains. I had many mud stains in the past on my socks because of this, luckily they came all out but still better safe than sorry.
With this information all set you can plan out your outfit for the day. I went with a halter JSK from Angelic Pretty named Milky Planet. This print is water proof since it can be washed in the washing machine, therefore I don't need to worry about any bleeding. My plans for the day can be found under each photo as well the weather type. 

Let's check it out!

  • Plans: Shopping - Going out with friends in the city
  • Weather type: Chill fall day - no rain
  • Key points: Long sleeved blouse, Jacket, tights
    • Pairing a long sleeved blouse and a jacket gives you enough warmth for a chill autumn day. When you are shopping or on a day out you don't know how the weather will change so having the jacket as an extra layer gives you some room to play with the coord.
    • Tights are a must have in fall if you ask me, though I love to wear them all year round but especially in fall and winter it is nice to have your full legs covered. 

  • Plans: Lunch date - High tea
  • Weather type: Rainy 
  • Key points: Short sleeved blouse, cardigan, boots, tights
    • A short sleeved blouse is perfect for being indoors most of the time as well as a cardigan. Which can be taken off when it's getting to hot. 
    • Boots will keep your feet dry and warm, also they protect your precious socks from any mud splashes
    • Tights on a rainy day go hand in hand, it's warm and easy to wear. Also I don't like to wear socks with boots, this can look a bit weird to me.
  • Extra focus point: 
    • I add a long coat as well to keep me warm outside and protect me from the rain. Also an umbrella is necessary on rainy days. 
    • Keep your hairstyle simple and natural, the rain can do strange things to your hair or wear a wig to be sure of a rain proof hairstyle.

  • Plans: Casual meeting in the city, walk in the park
  • Weather type: Morning rain - afternoon sun
  • Key points: Long sleeved blouse, ankle boots
    • Both the ankle boots and the long sleeved blouse go perfect for a day when rain an sunshine are combined. Pair it up with a coat for outside and you are covered for the day.  

  • Plans: Shopping
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Key Points: Sneakers, OTK, cut sew
    • Sneakers are mostly a no go with lolita but sometimes you need to break the rules to be comfortable. These pastel sneakers go hand in hand with sweet lolita and other pastel fashion styles, you can find many different pastel kawaii sneakers on storenvy if you look for it. 
    • OTK socks are great for when the sun is out they are warm enough and give that extra touch to a coord. I wouldn't wear OTK socks on rainy days mostly cause of the colder temperatures that comes with it. 
    • Cut sews are the most comfortable options out there for blouses, they are still super cute and go well with a dress. These type of blouses are made of stretchy cotton which make them a bit warmer than a standard blouse and also a lot more comfortable since it will stretch out when you move so no limitations when you want to reach to that handbag on top of a shelf in the stores. 

Good luck with your coord planning this fall, do you have any tips that you want to share? 
Let me know in the comments below. 

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7 reacties:

  1. I ADORE how you not only did the four outfits, but went as far as thinking about the particular weather and the occasion. The first outfit is probably my favourite, I like the blazer jacket, it adds a little smart touch to an otherwise very sweet outfit. But they're all brilliant, Sweet Lolita is definitely tricky to make into autumn outfits, they naturally want to end up looking pretty spring-like, even though the weather in spring and autumn is pretty much the same.

    1. Thank you so much! really glad that you like this post, I wanted it to be both informative as inspirational. So everyone could apply it to their own wardrobe ^_^

  2. This is really lovely, I love the care and thought you took in making your post! Your variety of shoes is really fun, you've done a nice job making the pastels seem to fit in the autumn season.

    1. ^_^ Thank you Chocolate Maiden! I'm happy that you like the sweet coords

  3. I love these outfits and how you've explained the logic behind each of them!

  4. This post is nice! Would like to see / read more of them with other styles/ dresses or skirts ^0^


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