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vrijdag 23 december 2016

Lolita fashion in 2016

2016 is almost over so let us look back at the lolita fashion highlights of this year. This year was for most of the girls I know a though year, one where they felt either insecure whether the fashion is still for them in it's current state or they embraced the fashion in its full glorie.

I was somewhere in between and due to many different circumstances it felt like a complete different year which affected my style and opinion on the fashion as a whole. 
But let us take a look at what I think are the most recognisable fashion trends within the year 2016!

Major brands like Baby, AP and even Meta are embracing the animal prints and it seems like a big hit for many lolita lovers out there. Especially a cat motive was the way to go in 2016, bunnies and horses where also represented. Even smaller brands and Chinese brands hopped on the animal train with some lovely designs. 

Besides the animal hype there was also room for gorgeous cultural themed dresses. Think of the designs by Meta where they used China as an inspiration and Rusia too with the Babushka print which was really lovely in my opinion. Baby went also on a travel trip with their designs and used some inspiration from either European cultures or European places like The Wizarding Platform series which is based on the station of London and Harry Potter. 

There was also room for the religion parts every once in a while. And I must say Angelic Pretty was leading the party with sneaking in crosses in so many prints this year. While Baby kept it simple with thre cross releases as far that I know. 

In general we embraced the come back of Old School in a new way. The rectangle headdress is still a major no go but there was room for plain dresses with lace details and ruffles. Some of the brands went a bit crazy with the lace and ruffle to create multiple "wedding" dresses for insane prices. Though some people are more than happy to pay it. Those wedding dresses are on the edge of the famous lace monsters which refer to the older days and ita dresses of ebay. But these are from a whole different level if you ask me. 

Other than the old school comeback we where using less wigs in 2016, they aren't as populair anymore on a regular basis. Though they are still very common at events. But people tend to wear their own hairstyle more often with lolita in order to create a more casual look. Which brings us to our next trend of 2016, Otome Fashion. The line between otome and lolita is rather small and some even can't point a real difference between them other than the simplicity of otome. I will be making a post about otome fashion in the future to explain a bit more about this fashion. 

With the upcoming trend of otome comes also the fact that we love to spice things up with small details. Jewellery wise we kept it the same but there was a rise both in Lolita fashion as well as mainstream fashion. And that is the come back of enamel pins and specially in lolita fashion it's the novelty brooches. Think here about Peppermint Fox, which is a big name for brooch lovers as well as Mullberry Chronicles. Both of the brands are making dresses and brooches that are very loved by lolita girls but work really well in otome fashion too. 

This year was lacking in the sweet lolita department as people start to get older and getting lost of their love for the sweet prints. Or they are wearing the dresses in a toned down way. Major brands like AP released mature prints with a sweet hint instead of sugar coated prints. Where Baby was keeping true to their sweet lacy style this year and brought many prints with a very fair pastel color theme which was nice to see besides the plain colored dresses which where great for the old school lovers out there. 

I think 2016 was a calm year in comparison to 2015 where we went crazy over the OTT classic and gothic style, though there was still room for OTT when it came to events this year. People like to go all out on those events and use feathers, birds, crazy thights, lights or funky make up to fit the theme. I'm really looking forward what type of coords everyone will wear in 2017 at the major events like Omnia Vanitas in Barcelona by SFE. Did you see a different trend in 2016 that I didn't cover? Please let me know in the comments below!

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