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dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

Wonderland // OOTD Lookbook

I guess you already noticed it that I haven't posted a Berlin Travels blog in a while. Don't know how it happend... Maybe posting 3 to 4 posts a week was a bit to much to keep up with my vlogs over on youtube. There is still a live besides the internet although some people think this is real live. 

But enough of the chit-chat let's move on to the topic of today. Last Saturday I went to Germany for a casual shopping day, nothing special to be honest. The city that we visited was Aachen, it is a lovely city but definitely not my cup of tea. I've been there many times before and every time again I get sort of frustrated by the lack of cozyness, pretty buildings and even nature. 

I was planning on filming a lookbook that day in Aachen but it was so crowded that it didn't happen, the nice spots for shooting where full of people. And on top of that health told me that it was time to leave after two hours. Ooh well, we can always film it tomorrow right?

Everything was planned out, I had my coord, the ideas and even some props. My inspiration was a Beauty and the Beast scene where Belle is reading a book in the city.
On the way home I realized that we could go to the forest before the sun would set completely to film the lookbook. And that we did! 

After our trip to Aachen we went to the forest and filmed everything, I really love the result and I'm planning on making more videos like this. It was so much fun to film and edit afterwards. Making youtube videos is something that I really love to do. We even made some photo's as well that I wanted to share so here we go..


Wonderland - Lookbook

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  1. I totally agree that a city can be quite frustrating if there aren't enough cozy places to go to! Cozy places to relax in, to have a cup of tea/coffee/etc. in, are just one of the things that I need on a regular basis... Luckily the city I moved to has some cozy cafés, but I really miss places where you can have tea time (scones with tea and so on). Your outfit is really nice, I like how you created a rather unusual colour coordinate by incorporating autumnal colours!

  2. It is always gamble of going to a city. I always get a lot inspiration of a stroll and peoplewatching. But same thing can devasting. Especially then you are in area, where is no recreational spots.


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