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vrijdag 20 januari 2017

A lesson in history⎜Berlin Travels

While summer is already over and we are in 2017 I still wanted to share my stories about Berlin. I didn't know what happend with my life after I came back but for some sort of reason I didn't got any time to sit down and write about it.

But let's make a come back and take the final sprint in my Berlin Travels series!

It was Monday morning and I hadn't planned much for the upcoming days. There where some things on my list that I wanted to see and do but not in a particular order. Since we wanted to visit the Jewish Museum I thought it would be nice to have a walk through the Jewish neighbourhood of Berlin. I had a map in my travel guide of a walk that would lead us around.

So that was our plan of the day, have a stroll around the Jewish neighbourhood and enjoy the time we had in Berlin. We left our hotel around 10 a clock and took the tram to the next station where we would start with our tour.
Like a propper tourist I had my camera around my neck and my travel guide in my hand to read all about the things we would see.
I love it so much when you have a good travel guide with a detailed map, I'm not so much of a digital person when it comes to vacations and finding my way in a city.

One of the stops we had on our strip was the "Neue Synagoge" I had high expectations of this place. I though that everything was covered in gold, gorgeous details and a beautiful golden dome. After we got through the security and metal detectors we went inside. It was impressive non the less but very dark inside. You where able to see some pieces of the Jewish history, school work and buildings as well. Very interesting to see if your are into learning about different cultures. We also got tickets to visit the golden dome, which would be the highlight of the whole thing. But to be honest I was really disappointed about this one. The way towards the dome was amazing until we arrived at a small door with a concreet stair behind it. It was super small and not glamorous at all in comparison to the rest of the building we had seen. But non the less we entered the small stairway to visit the golden dome. I didn't know what to say when I entered, but I do think you could see the disappointment on my face. 

It wasn't gold at all, everything was covered with concreet and very empty in general. We weren't allowed to make any pictures upstairs but now I see why. Unless you want a 360 view of Berlin it is not worth the money I think. I had a great time in the dome searching for all the buildings that they mentioned on the information boards and there was still something to learn about the Jewish culture and buildings. But it wasn't as pretty as it looks on the outside. 

We continued our walk after the tour in the Synagoge and explored this part of Berlin a bit further. One of the stops we made was at a small Japanese tea house. We weren't planning on going inside but the sign Matcha Soy Latte and Mochi where so appealing to me that I needed to try it. It was the first time I tried a Matcha Latte and it will definitely not be the last. I loved the decoration that they used, the wall was covered with tea pots and everything was so peaceful. It felt like a dream to drink some tea here. This little tea house was located in one of the buildings that used to be a classroom of the Jewish community. I found it such a magical place, since it was surrounded by gorgeous flowers and plants growing onto the buildings.

This was the best place of the day if I needed to choose my favourite spot that time. In the middle of the big city but feeling like you where in a magical world. So perfect! 
Our day wasn't very busy to be honest, we walked a bit further but I was getting pretty tired so after a couple of hours walking we decided to go back to the hotel and grab something to eat. While we where on our way to the station we passed the most amazing building I've ever seen. It was a huge building covered with leaves from the plants and huge trees in the front garden. This building was a clinic, very pretty I must say. I love it when old buildings are covered with plants. It gives it so much character and a romantic feeling at the same time! This was a great way to end our day.

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