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vrijdag 3 februari 2017

Inspirational frillies

Two years ago I made this exact same blogpost about some lolita girls that I found inspirational. And I'm happy to say that I still love the list I've made back then which you can find here but for this post I wanted to choose some other girls that I really look up to.
It wasn't as easy as I thought but I'm pretty happy with my list of inspirational persons.

Her overall style is very delicate and has a kind feeling to it, even something magical and fairy like.
It is mostly because of the type of dresses that she use to create her coords. They have lot of delicate colours, lace details and are very delicate. And that is what I love the most about her style.

This wonderful person is just an angel, not only her style is stunning but the fact that I can call her one of my best friends is absolutely unbelievable. I'm always impressed by her simple style, her natural hair and her kindness which shows off in every picture that you see of her. She is all about elegance and simplicity with small details that make her coord pop up from the rest. 

One of my other best friends within this fashion is Ashlyn aka Vanilla Bear. Her lolita style is so simple yet elegant and still very unique. She makes stunning coords with dusty pinks, greys and uses a lot of non printed dresses but with gorgeous details like ruffles or pleats. She doesn't need any prints to make a coord work I find that so inspirational! 

Connie is one of those persons that are incredibly talented when it comes to making coords. She has gorgeous items in her wardrobe and combines them in unique ways, like layering a blouse on top of a dress and over that a vest to change the whole look of the dress. She looks amazing in every singe coord that I've seen so far so she needed to be in my list of inspirational frillies. 

What are your inspirational frillies? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to read them. 

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