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maandag 10 april 2017

OT-Tulips, a dutch OTT party in Amsterdam

Yesterday was the day that I went to Amsterdam for a small high tea event at the "tassenmuseum" which is a handbag museum. Together with my friend Lise and my husband we drove to Amsterdam.
On our way we had lots of talks about the difference in communities since it would be Lise's first meet in The Netherlands except for Under The Sea last year. As well as some general lolita talk hihi.

It was so nice to talk about our thoughts and ideas of what people would be wearing and our expectations of the museum as well. Since we both thought at first it was a mug museum since a "tas" in Belgium means a mug instead of a handbag.. Cultural and language difference on point this day!

We arrived a little bit to late because of the traffic as well because of the fact that we can't leave the house
on time for some reason. But I'm so happy that Josine was a bit late too so we could travel together to the venue with her when we arrived in Amsterdam.

Photo by Ladypickering on Instagram

Must say both girls looked amazing! Lise was wearing her gorgeous Grazia JSK from Innocent World with a handmade headpiece and Josine was wearing a stunning hat from Voodoodolly and a ruffle dress from Atelier Pierrot. She makes me want to get into this brand too. That dress was so pretty!

Once we arrived at the venue we found our group still waiting for the food to arrive. Due to some problems in communication at the location there where some troubles. Not massive problems but big enough to cause some stress at the start of the event and a lot of chair switching in the end.
But we had a great high tea non the less, I really loved the teas of the day! Even the black tea one, and I'm not a fan of black tea at all.

Photo's by Livlotte on Instagram

Since we needed to pay an entrance fee to get into the venue which is located inside the museum we could visit the handbag museum at anytime. Though you aren't a lolita if you don't make hundreds of pictures of your friends to get that perfect outfit shot. The room where we had the tea party was stunning and the perfect backdrop of amazing outfit shots. Even though the light wasn't that great for photo's. But because our food had some delay and we wanted to have some good pictures we had only half an hour left for the museum.

To be honest it was long enough for me, the handbags where gorgeous but I only had two favourites in the whole collection. It was a carriage handbag with stunning details even little things like bagage was put on this handbag, and the other one was a chocolate handbag both perfect for a lolita coord or to put on display in your room.

After a couple of hours spending together with my friends and getting to know some of them a bit better it was time to leave the venue. We where able to make a group picture as well thanks to a lovely tourist. Must say it was a bit scary giving a way my camera to a stranger for a photo but this way everyone that was still there was on the picture! And he did a great job too, so I'm happy.

At this point the group split up since some of us wanted to have more pictures since the ones from inside weren't so great to see all the details of the coords. So it was time to say goodbye to most of them, it was great to see everyone again and to admire all the coords of the day. Everyone looked amazing in their favourite coord for this tea party.

Our little group of 7 went to the other side of the river for some more pictures cause the light was a bit better outside. Lots of shadows which is so much better than full sunlight. Some of us wanted to have more photo's so they could pick the best one of the day to post on social media. Sadly I din't have much photo's of myself or one together with some other girls nor my husband this time. Which is very shocking for me! Normally I have some couple/group shots to share but we only made singles this time how weird is that!

But I was able to film some things so I can make a little impression video for my channel. I still need to figure out how I can manage to make photo's and film footage at events so I can make both a blogpost as well as a video cause I love both. Thanks to my dear friend Liv I have some food pictures to share of our high tea. I hope that you like my little report on my day at the OT-Tulips tea party in Amsterdam and hopefully there will be a next edition soon cause it was awesome!!

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  1. This looks like a really fun meet :D you look gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much dear! It was such a lovely little meet.


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